31/01/2000 - Freedom of speech - use it or lose it!
Some stats! Today is the last day for the first month in this new millennium (and also the last day for the first month for this site :-)

So far we have had more then 12.000 unique visitors, more then 17.000 hits and (so we dont forget them) 6 visits from .mil and 1 visit from .gov (?) maybe its Clinton himself who is browsing the net, who knows ;-)

I know that many programs have now been updated (like DVD2MPEG Squeezer, Divx 3d and such) but my lack of time has forced me to update the TOOLS section later this week, hope that you all will understand. Remember that you always can get the latest news and information from the LINKS section.
28/01/2000 - Freedom of speech - use it or lose it!
YEAH! PARTY!!! 27/01/2000 we have had our 10.000:th unique visitor, He or she came from: port58.aachen.ivm.de at time: 18:05:10 GMT +1. This very special user was browsing with a Netscape 4.x and Windows 95 with desktop set to 800x600 at 16M (32bit) colors. Unfortently I dont have any winning-price to this user, more then this very excellent website (hope thats enough) ;-)

I have now also added banners to this site - meaning that if you like this site and wish to support me you can do this by visit the sites that the banners represent.

I hope that each and everyone will use this new feature of this website :-)
26/01/2000 - Freedom of speech - use it or lose it!
Ac3dec has now been updated to version 0.8.11 - the author claims that the bug considering hicks and strange sounds in the generated .wav files is now gone. Now, this sounds almost to good to be true (but all reports so far says that it is true). Go and grab your own copy from the TOOLS section.

I am also thinking of adding a search function to the FORUM, now when more and more people post messages in there we need an easy way to find what other people has said so far :-) I think this search function will be functional this weekend or so...
20/01/2000 - Yup - we are still alive ;-)
Wow! More then 10700 total visits and 7400 unique hits, let's party!!! I have noticed how much time the school takes, but dont worry - i will still run and update this site. The most recent change is that I have fixed some href errors in the TOOLS section.
14/01/2000 - Second week of millennium and we are still alive ;-)
Fixed some downloads and also solved the problem regarding Netscape browsers. Now the netscape users are also able to download files. Read more about this at the TOOLS section.
13/01/2000 - Second week of millennium and we are still alive ;-)
I have now completed my tests of the site, the design works in: ie 5.x (most likely earlier too), ns 3.04, ns 4.51 and Linux ns 4.6. I have also added a few more downloads to the TOOLS section.

A post on the FORUM says that netscape isnt capable of handle .rar downloads, anyone who can verify this ?

And finally I wish to present some stats for this site: Unique visits: 4010, Total visits: 5358, Average/day: 410, OS: Windows 98 (68%), Browser: Internet Explorer 5.x (60%), Resolution: 1024x768 (51%), Color Depth: 65K (16bit) (46%)

And speaking of stats, hmm these two looks odd for me (both has one hit): US Dept of Defense (.MIL), US Government (.GOV) - Just wondering why they visited this site ? ;-)
12/01/2000 - Second week of millennium and we are still alive ;-)
Thanks to Opium I have now moved (finally ?) to a location that works. Large, "Banner-free" and supports large file-transfers :-)

Dont miss the new NTFS98 1.041 and Partition Magic 5.0 DOS in the TOOLS section. And for you who might wonder why some downloads doesnt work, well read in the Old News Archive and you will find your answer...

I have also added some new links in the LINKS section, for example two that might help you to disable macrovision.
10/01/2000 - Second week of millennium and we are still alive ;-)
Unfortently the downloads in TOOLS section are right now out of order. You can still try if they work (will upload when I have time) - if they dont work then dont complain cos I already warned you ;-)

Now the good news, site is updated and moved from the ifrance server back to hypermart. However I still need a larger account (hypermart only offers 15 MB) - so if someone knows of any account that are free, banner free (like hypermart (I use some disable code ;-)), and larger then 15 MB then please notify me in the FORUM section or at irc (efnet).

Oh hehe, almost forgot - I have now uploaded the NTFS98 1.041. Go and grab it from the TOOLS section!
07/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Ahh! FAQ has been updated - now its Alpha stage :-) But downloads > 1 meg still doesnt works (will hopefully work early next week) :-(
06/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Appearently the ifrance.com server doesnt allow file transfers larger then 1 mb. There is nothing that we can do at this point. A small positive thing is that downloads below 1 meg works. Guess that you all have to wait until we have switched servers next week. :-(
05/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Yeah! ReMPEG2 1.1.0 is finally out! More then twice the speed compared to the 1.0.3 version - so far this looks REALLY good. You can download this program from the TOOLS section and read more about it at todays (05/01) news on dvdpiracy.com.

We have now also made some of the downloads from the TOOLS section available to the public. You will notice which files can be downloaded...
04/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Finally some downloads now works. Thanks to Opium we have now been able to link some of his downloads to our site. What downloads are then from Opium ? Well they have a '*' after the filename in the TOOLS section.

Another thing - in the FORUM section you can now post whatever message you want. BUT! this is just a temporarily beta until we will setup the ultimate.cgi or similar at our new account. Meaning that you shouldnt trust that the name of the post really is written by the same person. This FORUM is mainly for us to receive your opinions about our site and what can improve it further...
03/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Added a new section to the site: LINKS (click at top of the site). Still working on those downloads - as it looks right now they wont be available until end of this week or even next week. Why ? Hopefully we will get our own domain etc and a banner free host - therefor we wont waste our bandwidth just to do the same thing again one week later. If you are desperate about getting a software try first the sites in the LINKS section.
02/01/2000 - Happy new year / millennium to everyone !
Hmm, sorry for all the troubles we have caused you. We are currently moving from one server to another and updating the design etc. Currently this means that 'faq' and 'info' isnt done yet, 'news' is working *doh* and 'tools' is done - but there is no files (links are done but there is no content). During week 1 of year 2000 we will work on to make all the downloads work and hopefully also get the faq done.
01/01/2000 (I just loves that date ;-) - So, whats on: A NEW MILLENNIUM !
Happy new year / millennium to everyone ! VirtualDub 1.2 and Partition Magic 5.0 (dos) has been added to the site. Site has updated design and also moved to a larger account. Also there will soon be multilangual support... so stay tuned ;-)