(Tuesday) 29/02/2000 - "To the moon & back"
No big news - Virtual Dub has been upgraded to 1.3a (TOOLS section) and I have done some work with the cgi-script in the FORUM section.
(Saturday) 26/02/2000 - "To the moon & back"
Another version of FlaskMpeg 0.563 and an updated version of DVD Genie 3.31 has been added to the TOOLS section...

Stay tuned for more updates during this weekend =)
(Thursday) 24/02/2000 - "The man, the myth, the concept" =)
Added FlaskMpeg 0.562 and BB Tools 1.5 to the TOOLS section.

FlaskMpeg 0.562
MMX iDCT that speeds up the decoding process a lot, Perfect syncronization for any kind of stream, Much improved reliability and stability, Tons of bugfixes...

BB Tools 1.5
Just a recompiled version that is quite a bit faster than version 1.4. Thanks to Apachez for the compiler/linker tips that made this possible.
(Tuesday) 22/02/2000 - "The man, the myth, the concept" =)
I have put FlaskMpeg 0.49 back to the TOOLS section. This because it turned out that 0.52 had worser bugs then the 0.49 has.

A new version of ReMPEG 1.43 is also out, and you know where you can find it (tip: read the lines about FlaskMpeg ;-)

And at the same location you will find Virtual Dub 1.3 (I'm talking about the TOOLS section).

The problems with my bannerhost are now solved and I am resolving the links so the banners to the bottom-right at this page will start working this week.
(Sunday) 20/02/2000 - "The man, the myth, the concept" =)
Dvdgenie 3.30 is out with some new features, get it from the TOOLS section. As well as VCD Cutter 4.03.

The FORUM section has been updated - now there is a function to sort messages by month.

Right now im having problems with my bannerhost - hopefully they will be solved during next week or so...

And for you who might wonder why im typing each 10.000:th visitor to this site, well simply because im glad that so many has found their way here. Instead of having a "tracker" to some corner with "You are visitor number:" I am instead posting in the NEWS section when something funny or special has happend. But i'll stop do that for some time now. Next time that I will write something about how many visitors has visited this site, will be when the counter passes the 100.000 marker :-)
17/02/2000 - Party on dudes!
WOW! Yesterday this site passed the 20.000 unique visitors border. More then 21.000 unique visitors and more then 30.000 hits has found their way, so far, to this very excellent site ;-)

Thank you very much to all of you who visits this site :-)

I have added a few more "banners" to this site (the red links to the bottomright in the NEWS section and in the LINKS section).
16/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
I have moved from the .fr site back to the .net site - this because the .fr went slower and slower to deliver the .htm files. The downloads are still placed at the .fr server, and will hopefully still work (at least they works better then the .htm files).

I have also added these programs to the TOOLS section: ac3dec 0.8.13, Avi 2 mpg2 1.2 beta 19, decodevob 1.1, and (so I dont forget ;-) an updated version of "my" vob filters. Now they are at version number 1.03!

I have also updated the LINKS section with a few new sites, one of those are: FuZZ|ion's
H+ Utils Zone.
14/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
ReMpeg2 1.41 is now out!

I have put this new version in my TOOLS section from where you can download it. I will still host the old ReMpeg2 1.10, this due to some reports that this 1.41 version doesnt work on all vobs. More info on this later...
09/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
Added an updated version of Flask mpeg, now its version 0.52.

So whats new with this one then ?
Well - improved speed, from 15% to 50% depending on settings, much better crop and letterbox settings easily to configure through the new 'Output Pad', integrated AVI output through AVIplug from AGRABBER, priority slider, cosmetic changes and some bug fixes. The AVI output module is still in a very early stage, so don't expect it to work flawlessly.

Oh yeah - almost forgot, you can grab your own copy from the TOOLS section.
08/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
There are some new links in the LINKS section, aswell as a new version of vstrip .04b that can be downloaded from the TOOLS section.

I hope that you all have tried the new search function that can be found in the FORUM section...
06/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
Added Ac3dec 0.8.12, DivX 3d, DVD Genie 3.29 and a new demuxer called Decode Vob 1.0 (made by the same author as the Ac3dec) to the TOOLS section. Also updated the LINKS section with some new links under the "dvd" area.

Ohh - don't forget the new search function that you can find in the FORUM section...
05/02/2000 - Second month of the Millennium!
Hmm - we have passed the 21.000 hits mark, but only had 14.000 unique visitors. Well "only", hehe not bad for a site that has been up for a month + some days. Ohh we have had another two visits from .mil, that means that we are now up at 9 visits from the .mil domain ;-)

Now for some real fun - I have updated the FORUM section with a search function. That means that we can now search for a specific message if we want to. Many thanks to h1kari who helped me solve some bugs regarding the search function in perl.