(Sunday) 26/03/2000 - "I'm singing in the rain..."
Updated the TOOLS section with DVD Genie 3.40. New support for language files. This should make the DVD Genie user interface translatable into any language. Also some small fixes, hopefully some none (or at least less) Windows 2000 issues.

I have also added a link to YXY - Aspect Ratio Control for Software DVD Players, a link to a trailer site called "Horrordvds.com" and finally a link to Djtall's french dvd website, you can see those links in the LINKS section.
(Friday) 24/03/2000 - "This means war!"
So here we go, a lame company named Spruce is behind my move. They didn't like that I HAD (read: more then TWO months ago) linked to one of their software named DVD Maestro (although that link is gone since TWO months). And that I am promoting their software as a good DVD Authoring software, has slipped their minds totally. My opinion is that they should PAY ME fo the promotion I have given them, but they have obviously another opinion.

You can read by yourself the three emails I got regarding the cancel of my Hypermart account: Email 1, Email 2, Email 3

Now for some other news:

Dvdpiracy.com has changed location to go.to/dvdsoft.
The download of Total Recorder 2.1 is now fixed, get it from the TOOLS section.
(Sunday) 19/03/2000 - Still going strong...
:-) For a couple of days ago this site passed the 50.000 visitors marker, I will celebrate this by adding Total Recorder 2.1 to the TOOLS section.

A new site has hit the DVD-scene, its called 7th Zone and is the old DVD Utils that has been upgraded, both by content and by layout.

Since I noticed that my school is taking more and more time of my life, I will not have that much time to update this site as I used to have. The site will still be updated, but for the "newest" news I recommend you to visit Dvdpiracy.com.
(Wednesday) 15/03/2000 - Updated some tools...
Updated two tools in the TOOLS section.

They are: Ac3dec 0.8.15 and Decode Vob 1.3

Im hosting for some new banners now (as you probably noticed) and hope that this program is better then the old one. More updates will come during this weekend (if not before)...
(Sunday) 12/03/2000 - Tools section updated...
Yup, the new account were canceled by the host :(

That's mean that i'm back to the .fr server. And when I just thought that everything were fine, I noticed that the .fr server blocks every .zip, .rar and so on transfers. So I simply renamed all .exe and .rar files and the transfers now works :-)

Due to this there are some new download instructions: after download - rename the *.binrar files to *.rar and *.binexe files to *.exe. :-)

While i'm at it, a new evrsion of DVD Genie 3.33 can be found in the TOOLS section.
(Saturday) 11/03/2000 - HTTP 800, Moving done!
Yes! Finally finished with the moving. I have now cleaned the TOOLS section and "greyed-out" all files that didnt work or was/is missing.

The B I G update with this site must be that all downloads has now moved from the slow .fr server to a "blazing" ;-) fast .org server. Hope that you all will enjoy the new download speeds =)
(Friday) 10/03/2000 - HTTP 700, Moving in progress ;-)
Ahh - today I have an exame in the c-programming course, but that wont stop this site.

I have found a new host to store my files at since the .fr server went slower and slower, expect a full update of the TOOLS section sometime this weekend.

And for all of you who are "Nostalgic game freaks", I have put both Nibbles and Pacman to the GAMES section. Enjoy!
(Monday) 06/03/2000 - "Happy birthday mum!"
First of all I wish to congratulate my mother, who today has her 47:th birthday!

Congratulations mum!

Now back to the site: I have updated the DivX codec to version 3e, grab it from the TOOLS section.

There is now also a new section called: GAMES section. From there you can play some of the most nostalgic games that can be found on the net (you know - before there even were words like "dvd" and "decss" ;-)

Of course you need a java-compatible browser, since these games are java games (pretty obvious, don't you think? =)
(Thursday) 02/03/2000 - "Luck has nothing to do with it"
Oh man! School takes to much time right now ;-)
For the moment i'm deep into the world of C/C++ programming (since a schoolproject must be finished to this friday).

However I haven't forgot this site and added My Flix 1.5.4 to the TOOLS section. Hope that this program works better then the other mpeg1-editing softwares on the market.