(Sunday) 30/04/2000 - If you can't make it good, at least make it look good.
DivX 3.11alpha Only fixes the CPU slider issue in the Direct Show decoder. Why alpha stage ? Because the WMA audio crack is far from perfect (max 16bit/44KHz @ 64Kbit/s) and the WMA direct show decoder have not been cracked yet...

Heuris Mpeg Power Pro 2.0h Here it is, the Heuris Mpeg engine. Personally I think (after done test for vcd mode / standard settings) that panasonic is still the no1 encoder. But Heuris is not far behind and has a bit more living colors then panasonic has. If the download is going slow try again later, I'm still open for suggestions about servers that wont cancel accounts and is fast ;-)

Added some new Firmware sites to the LINKS section aswell as a new site created by the author for cdrsoft.net: Dvsoft.net

You can get these tools from the TOOLS section.
(Friday) 28/04/2000 - To be or not to be...
Total Recorder 2.2 Here are some of the news in this software: Support for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, The ability to resample a recording (i.e. change sound stream parameters). Resampling can be done either during the recording process or when you save a recording, The maximum recording size is no longer limited to 2GB. It is now possible to record up to 49 continuous days. However, since an individual .wav file has a limit of 4GB, a long recording must be broken into pieces in order for it to be saved, A save progress indicator, The ability to increase the priority of the Total Recorder program and provide cleaner recordings, The ability to normalize the volume of a recording.

Get this tool from the TOOLS section.
(Thursday) 27/04/2000 - To protect and serve...
So... what did you like my first work in Flash 4 ? If you missed that you can still see that work in the intro page. ;-)

VCD Cutter 4.02 Thanks to Leecher I have put up a copy of this mpeg1 editor to this site. This version, 4.02, has been tested and works (compared to the 4.03 version which doesnt works at all, even with keygen).

Avi plugin 0.58 An updated version of the Avi plugin for Flask has been released. I'm not sure whats new with this version compared to the version that is included with Flask - but obviously there has to be something ;-)

Get the software from the TOOLS section.
(Tuesday) 25/04/2000 - hmmm...
Nice intro, dont you think ? ;-) Well, actually its my first work in flash 4 :-)

Decode Vob 1.4 We have a new Decode Vob which can decode vobs into m2v/ac3 files, now this special version will autohandle vobs that are encoded in multi angles and this one will just ignore the extra angles and only keep angle 0. Note to hackers: the angle info is stored in the Navigation Packets in the second area of the packet.

AviChop 0.2 Some words from the revision.txt...
*First non beta release*, Moved the write function to its own thread so program doesn't freeze up until its done, Added better status indicator and a CANCEL button.. usefull if you change your mind :) Added Progress bars, Fixed file naming, now can chop up to 500 pieces and the numbers appear before the .avi extention not before any '.' that happened to be in the filename, Fixed the spelling of my name :) yes, I mispelled it :) hehe

VobDec 0.3s Now comes with source :-)

Go and grab these programs from the TOOLS section.
(Sunday) 23/04/2000 - We come in peace :P
vStrip 0.5 In this new version that STUPID list-mode bug has been fixed, improved usability of user-functions, export PCM-wave data without header, when splitting by ids - no data is lost (written to file), LBAs are displayed, and the software is now under GPL...

AviChop 1.0b This is the tool for you who just wants to chop an .avi file into smaller pieces, but has tired to use programs like VirtualDub or even MediaStudio. Just choose the input file, then output and at what positions (filesize) the program should split at and hit Chop! Be aware of that this is a beta version, but I have tried this (and the author has done that too) and it works. Upcoming versions will have support for multilangual audio tracks, split and repeat last x keyframes (example: file 1 ends at 1:05, file 2 starts at 1:00) etc...

You can download both programs from the TOOLS section.

There are also a new site out on the market: Dvd-files.com
(Saturday) 22/04/2000 - Happy Easter !!!
Nero 5.0 Announced Ahead have announced that the Nero 5.0 will be released 30th April 2000. This new version will include the following features: Multiple Burning, Super Video CD, Video CD (VCD) Still Images and Slideshows, Powerful Audio filters, M3U Playlist support, CD Database support, Twin VQ audio compression support and Copying of CD Extra and Multisession CDs and more...

You can find out more details about these features from Aheads homepage.

And I am sure that you will be able to download this new version (with keygens and everything) from www.cdrsoft.net when its released :-)

DVD Genie 3.43 Released A new version of DVD Genie has been released and introduces these features: Support for NVIDIA GeForce motion compensation acceleration using the latest Cinemaster Engine, Support for Matrox Sun-Picture acceleration (hardly does anything) using the latest Cinemaster Engine, New setting for the newest Cinemaster Engine to sync screen update to monitor refresh for smoother panning and A few more Windows 2000 modification has been made that hopefully will make DVD Genie work even better.

You can download this new version from the TOOLS section.
(Thursday) 20/04/2000 - The Easter is soon here...
A new version of VobDec is out.

In this new version, 0.3, a bug is fixed that caused the wrong key to be reported on about 0.2% of VOBs. The documentation is also updated to talk about different title keys. Go and grab your own copy from the TOOLS section.

Added the reopened Flexion.org to the LINKS section.
(Wednesday) 19/04/2000 - The Easter is coming closer and closer and even closer...
You have seen both DOD speed ripper and DeCSS 1.x, now its time for VobDec.

This new backup-tool has a built-in feature to locate and find new decryption keys for DVD movies. Where DOD speed ripper and DeCSS 1.x was based on a key from Xing, VobDec is totally self-contained. If you finds a movie where DOD or DeCSS doesnt work on, just give VobDec a couple of minutes and it will spit out what key to use on this "new" movie - and then decrypt it :-)

I have put this new tool in the TOOLS section along with a gui (for those who doesnt like command lines ;-)

In the TOOLS section I have also put a version of a new graphical demuxer called Vobrator 0.2.
(Tuesday) 18/04/2000 - The Easter is coming closer and closer and closer...
A new version of VirtualDub is out (now at 1.3c (10740)) and you can grab a copy of this brilliant program from the TOOLS section.

Bug fixes in this new version is as following:
- WAV replacement audio works again.
- Frameserver code now supports frame size changes properly.
- Fixed frameserver client proxy mode under Win95/98.
- No longer crashes if you load a config file without a video file loaded.
- Moved tab stop over on audio compression dialog, so that audio codecs with really long format names will fit.
(Monday) 17/04/2000 - The Easter is coming closer and closer...
I have received reports from people that says that the files in the TOOLS section cant be downloaded.

Well - they CAN be downloaded, the problem was that these people had getright/gozilla active in the background. So the procedure to download files from the TOOLS section is (for the moment):

1. Deactivate getright/gozilla (if it is active).
2. Click on the file you want.
3. Wait a couple of secs (while the download is being redirected).
4. When the download starts, close the popup window.

I have this procedure since my download server (50megs.com) doesnt allow any downloads from outside their own servers. I have solved this by redirecting the download to a file that is located at their server and then this file sends you your download.

I have also updated my banners (where I hope that more people will click on (the banners are at the bottom of this window and to the right)), and added Djtall's site to the LINKS section.
(Saturday) 15/04/2000 - Easter = candy ;-)
I have updated three tools in the TOOLS section.

FlaskMPEG 0.58 Final version (read more in the included readme file). and...

Virtualdub 1.3b (10738) that runs under Win95/98/NT4/2K. and...

BB Mpeg 1.2 Release 13/04/2000, the bbMPEG.DLL is updated and AVI2MPG2 to version 1.2. A variable bitrate encoding and multiplexing is added. Note that the variable bitrate video encoding does not cap the bitrate in any way, so it may not be suitable for VCD or SVCD. Also several problems are fixed in the audio psychoacoustic models. Also added are options to turn off sequence end codes, program end codes and sequence display extensions, and the video size restrictions are removed in the VCD, SVCD and DVD profiles. The video encoder changed to request the video frames in order, which also can speed up the encoding process slightly. A problem is fixed in the batch mode operation of AVI2MPG2 and AVI2MPG2_VFW and an option is added to AVI2MPG2 to view or change the properties of all the filters in the graph when a file is opened.
(Friday) 14/04/2000 - Let's sue them!
No big news for the weekend, I have updated some of the banners that I use on my page. (I think you know what I mean ;-)

But the question for the weekend is about "cDVD - NEW DVD on CDR format". Well - when you reads the specs for this format it look to close to our own format named "miniDvd" ("created" by Robshot among others).

cDVD was announced this Thursday by Sonic Solutions at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) as extension to the DVD format that allows PCs to play CD-ROMs formatted as DVD-Video discs.

So my question is, does anyone have enough money go hire a lawyer and sue them - I mean, we were at least 6 months before Sonic even had a thought of doing such things. A big BBUUUUU to these types of companies (who steals other peoples ideas without giving them credit).
(Tuesday) 11/04/2000 - Electronic WorkBench
A new version of DVD Genie is out!

The new version 3.42 has corrected some "bugs" - but the main update is improved translation code that now supports all the list items and loading of the program should be slightly faster. If you have previously translated the DVD Genie interface, make sure to read the new instructions. Older language files are of course backward compatible.

I have put a copy for you in the TOOLS section.
(Saturday) 08/04/2000 - "Here we go again..."
Now it's official, we are boycotting 7th Zone. Therefor I have removed the links to their site.

Since my old download server has vanished, I found a new one (that I hopes will work). If you finds that it doesnt work, or know a better place where I can store my files - then please let me know that by posting a msg in the FORUM section.

The downloads can be found in the TOOLS section.
(Thursday) 06/04/2000 - "Honey - I'm home!"
It looks like the 7th Zone is really a bunch of bad boys and girls. First they "stole" the dvdpiracy.com domain (new location is: Dvdpiracy.net) and rerouted all visitors to their own site, now they have done the same thing with the Dvdrip site. This means that the new location for the old Dvdrip site (which now has been renamed to Nvorip) is now over here: Nvorip
(Wednesday) 05/04/2000 - "Honey - I'm home!"
So, here is my first update of the site for the past week.

As I have mentioned earlier the school takes some time now, but dont worry - the TOOLS section still works :-)

If you need the latest news, please visit dvdpiracy.net or if u want to search for the latest news, check out dvdstuff.da.ru

Oh, and if you wonder - this website has now two "mirrors" (which means that if I need to switch location - the address will still be the same): apachez.de5.de and apachez.cjb.net