(Tuesday) 30/05/2000 - Tick, tack, tick, tack...
Download server I have noticed that "my" download server is offline. Currently I dont know when it will come back online, but the problem is most likely that the server rebooted and got a new ip-address. And then it takes some time for the dns servers to catch up with the new ip. Just try and see if the problem have been solved by entering the TOOLS section and try to download files from there. If the server is still offline later this week I will setup up a new download server...
(Sunday) 28/05/2000 - Passed the 133,000 marker... (since 1st jan 2000)
FlaskMpeg 0.593 Updated version is out. No idea whats new with this one (because the changes log doesnt tell) but obviously there has to be something because the version number has rised one dot ;-)

Links Added Doom9 to the dvd sites list in the LINKS section.
(Thursday) 25/05/2000 - Gettin' jiggy with it...
BB Mpeg 1.22 The bbMPEG.DLL is updated to version 1.22. A SVCD scan offset problem has been fixed, the problem would cause a read error of the temporary scan offset file.

FlaskMpeg 0.592 New version out. This version contains following upgrades: DVD IFO parsing, DVD Subpicture decoding, Motion based video deinterlaced.

Links Added microDVD and DVD Direct to the LINKS section.
(Wednesday) 24/05/2000 - Summer holidays :-)
Summer Finally the summer vacation has reached this town. Earlier today I had my last exame for this period and it went very good. We gave our teachers a presentation about the radar-project that I and seven more people have been working on for the last two months. You can see pictures of the equipment if you go to the Old News Archive and search for 18/05/2000.

Website Because this week was an exame week I didnt have much time to update this site, but i will do that within the next few days. What I have done is to move the html part of the site to a new server, where I hope that the site will load faster then before.
(Saturday) 20/05/2000 - Hmm... hmm?... ahhh! :-)
Forum Updated the FORUM section by adding email functionallity. I hope this feature will make this forum even better. BUT - please dont abuse this feature cos otherwise im forced to remove it, thank you.

Email Now you can also send me emails directly from this site. Like if you have any news or something good to tell me, or just have some opinions and suggestions regarding this site. Send an email to me by clicking here: Send email

VobDec GUI 1.3c Removed the old GUI and added this one instead. This one works with the latest VobDec+ 0.31.
(Friday) 19/05/2000 - Wow! They've got the internet on computers now!
Quotations I'm still looking for good quotations sites, please notify me in the FORUM section on where I can get some good quotations from.

Job Today I got this very brilliant news that I got a job for this summer :-))) I will work mainly as a web developer :-)))

Ac3dec 0.8.17 0.8.17 is out now, you can now automaticaly do PCM output without that Chooser Box, so it can be scripted much happier now. Ac3dec can now be up to 6.5 times real time speed. Note to people who request 5.1 output in 3 wav files, yes it will be done, patience please ;-)

Decode Vob 1.41 Dont know whats new with this one, but obviously there has to be something cos the version number has rised one click ;-)

VirtualDub 1.3d I have put this ver at this site cos its the latest out. But remember that support for ASF aswell as MPEG4-V3 has been removed upon Microsofts request.

VobDec+ 0.31 This is the fixed 0.3+++ version that were withdrawn a couple of days ago. This new version includes some new stuff as: Multiangle detection and ripping (Matrix, Rock, Insider..), Fixed bug in AC3 stream output, DODs-Rip used for automatic DVD authentication, AC3-stream ripping along with DVD-rip possible, Continue search on next vobs until key is found, Skip keyscan to next vobfile for faster key retrieving, Up to 4 parallel audiostreams dump possible, Any vts files selectable with 'short' commands, Key passing to 'short' commands possible.
(Thursday) 18/05/2000 - Start rockin'
Radar-project Hi all, school takes some time this and next week. The radar-project that I have been involved in is now finished. Here are some footage from the device that we have built: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06.

DV Tool 0.19 b2 A swiss army knife for digital video. This is what DVtool does: Truncate, clone, split and merge files, DVD aware, Show information about an inserted DVD, Calculate video data rates for ripping & capturing, Automatic shutdown on long idle time, Run user configured (command line) tools, Play videos without gaps between them.

"New" sites Well, hehe, some are not that new - but I havent time to add them to this site until now. So here they are: Dreamwaver, Robshot, Therip.
(Sunday) 14/05/2000 - URLs are the 800 numbers of the 1990's
*.has.it The redirection server I use for the apachez.has.it has technical problems for the moment. The address is still valid, however the server who handles the redirections isnt ;-) So, to access this site please use following redirection addresses: http://apachez.cjb.net and http://apachez.knows.it

Quotations I'm also looking for good quotations sites (as you probably already noticed I use some quotations next to the date). If you know any good site please inform me by posting a message in the FORUM section, thank you.
(Friday) 12/05/2000 - Was in school for 14 hours solving bugs in this RADAR project ;-)
VobDec 0.3+++ I have temporarily removed the 0.3+++ version and replaced it with the 0.3++ version due to authors request. It turned out to be many bugs in the +++ ver, and to avoid a corrupt version to being spread we are trying to limit the effects ;-) A fixed version will come out during this weekend, so stay tuned...

VirtualDub 1.3d Quote from the "whats new": Build 10803 (Version 1.3d): "[thanks to Microsoft] Support for ASF and MPEG-4 V3 has been removed at the request of Microsoft. I can't tell you how disappointed I am at this, but Microsoft says they have intellectual property rights, and I can't do anything about it. This makes me very sad."

What could I say ? Well, dont worry Avery - we will take the GPL part of your source and implement our own asf/mpeg4 coding in it. As Microsoft cant violate the GPL licenses ;-)
(Thursday) 11/05/2000 - YES! The receiver for the school project I'm involved in works 100% now :-)
AVI FourCC changer 1.00 This tool allows you to change the FourCC code in an AVI file. The FourCC code is the identification key used by the AVI format to inform itself of which decoder to use for the AVI file playback. Changing the FourCC code is only useful if you are using a slightly modified codec of a currently encoded file, a codec which shares the same compression algorithms. This program is freeware and the Delphi source code is included.

VobDec 0.3+++ New things in this version: Multiangle detection and ripping (Matrix, Rock, Insider..), Other than vts1 selection possible with 'short' commands now, Key passing to 'short' commands possible now.
(Wednesday) 10/05/2000 - If a trainstation is where the train stops, what's a workstation...?
School Ahh lovely school ;-) For the moment I'm deeply involved in a school project where we are going to create an echo ranging device. For you who doesnt know what "echo ranging" is you could call it RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging). By an ultrasonic (40kHz) transducer we are going to detect if an object is within 2 meters. If it is, then a "pling-plong" sound shall play. If the object is within 1 meter, a digitally sampled voice shall notify the "user" that there is an object within the 1 meter. This could be use for example as an parking-radar. I will put up some more info about this project when its done (we are scheduled to be finished next friday :P).

In other words I will update the site later this week. Ohh I almost forgot - I have now removed the banners from the FORUM section but I'm still looking for a bannerfree/payfree host that allows own cgi's (perl). Thank you!
(Sunday) 07/05/2000 - PARTY!!! - More then 100,000 visitors :-)
Yesterday the counter passed the 100,000 marker. I could never imagine when I first started this site that it would have more then 100,000 visitors. I mean compared to my personal site which has around 200 visitors/year ;-)

A big THANK YOU to all of you who makes it worth to continue the work with this site!

The FORUM section has been updated. I have added a feature of "Next 20" and "Previous 20". Which means that you now can browse through the whole forum without having to load all messages at once. Earlier you could only see Last 20 or All messages at once...
(Friday) 05/05/2000 - Wow! They've got the internet on computers now!
VobDec 0.3++ New stuff in this version: got rid of minor bugs, introduced new hidden bugs, really fast backward search for CELL-IDs when dumping to file, truncation of files by lba ('hidden' 'b' option for truncation by byte-don't do that on VOBS), AC3 languages detection from DVD, AC3 streaminfo from file, fast dumping of AC3 streams to file (about twice as fast as other programs due to larger buffer), merging any files, remove macrovision bytes from vob, regionfree patch for Video_ts.ifo Video_ts.bup files, option for skipping keysearch.

VCD Gear 2.0 Read more in the program (history button) but the main upgrade is that this software now is 100% GUI based.
(Tuesday) 02/05/2000 - If you can't beat your computer at chess, try kickboxing.
BB Mpeg 1.21 The bbMPEG.DLL is updated to version 1.21. A VideoCD multiplexing problem is fixed that would cause the audio to play incorrectly.

Heuris Mpeg Power Pro 2.0h Updated the package so it will now include the new and fully functional crack by MFD.

Unofficial VobDec 0.3+ An unofficial VobDec has been released. I suppose more of these will start to appear :-) Anyway, this version adds the following features and also includes the updated source code: Automatic detection of DVD drive/path, Detection of region free disks -> ask for key search is skipped because most disks are not encrypted, Write multiple/single files with only 1 option, Merge files [x option], Windows writefile API is now being called - this should enable files > 4GB? - not tested, Time and percentage info, Ask for append/overwrite files, Dumping/truncation of file from given LBA number, Fast search for CELL-IDs (needed for correct split of VOB), 'q' for clean process abortion.

I have reconstructed the Old News Archive so the orientation is now easier.
(Monday) 01/05/2000 - Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
BB Tools 1.6 Changed it so an error message is not displayed if the end of file is reached. Changed bbDMUX and bbINFO so it should parse more MPEG files (VideoCD .dat files and SVCD .mps files).