(Wednesday) 28/06/2000 - Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first.
PC-Shopping TmD sent me some pictures during the last weekend from a german computer magazine (7/2000) named PC-Shopping who had my site in one of their articles :-) You can see the scanned pictures here: 1, 2, 3 or by visiting the website with the article: local copy, external link.

CladDVD 1.42 update Just place over your existing 'claddvd.exe' (default path - C:\Program Files\cladDVD 1.4\claddvd.exe) MUST HAVE v1.41 INSTALLED!

FlaskMpeg 0.594 As many of you have already noticed (thanx), 0.59x versions had a glitch that made subtitles randomly dissapear once the compiling was started. That annoying bug has been hopefully fixed in today's 0.594 release.

From now on, FlasKMPEG will be packed with the latest version of bbMPEG which from 1.23 version is compatible with our program. Now FlasKMPEG is able to output AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD & SVCD files right off the box and for FREE.

Important!! For the time being when using bbMPEG you should specify the duration of the compile in the configuration dialog. Progress dialogs won't be acurate neither when using bbMPEG. We'll try to fix all those glitches in forthcoming versions.

Mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vStrip GUI 0.19j Fixed Refreshing Problem.

VobDec GUI 2.0 Fixed a Bug in Main Movie Detection (Thanks Doom9!), Now Key Search is Done with Hidden DOS Windows.
(Saturday) 24/06/2000 - Happy midsummer! :-)
CladDVD 1.41 NO MORE DOS BOXES - 100% GUI, Decryption process now displayed in cladDVD, Added 'No Macro' option for removal of Macrovision bytes, Skip option when decoding VOBs (win 98), Added a 'Shut Down' option to turn off your PC when finished (win 98).

Dvd2Avi GUI 1.04 (mpeg2avi/ac3dec) Ac3 to wav decoding is put into a dll. (Ac3Wav.dll), The code for creating a avi/ac3 file is also put into a dll. (AviAc3.dll), A new progress window + log info is showed when pushing the start button. (therefore the old avi/ac3 info progressbar has been moved), Most of the settings are now saved, In the output avi options, a new option has been added "Original".

Heuris Mpeg Power Pro 2.0h Fixed the installation files and added a new crack to it, the download is now 5.9 mb.

VobDec GUI 1.9e Now uses a virtual listview control, No need for comctl32.ocx anymore, Comctl32.dll that comes with internet explorer 3 and above is enough.

DivX ;-) This movieformat has now "escaped" from the pc (windows) environment and can now be played at PC (3.11 alpha), MAC (1.0b5), BeOS (1.0b2) and Linux (XMPS 0.1.1). More info at the official DivX site: divx.ctw.cc

Your own DVD A company named HomeMovie says that you can have your own DVD movie for "just" 99$. The DVD is "burned" on a dvd-r which means that it can be played in computers as well as standalones, however the size is limited to 4.7 gb. Now - dont we have our own methods that are cheaper then those 99$ ? ;-) But if you dont have your own dvd-burner then this could probably be a good choice.
(Monday) 19/06/2000 - Every solution breeds new problems.
Update Ahh, what a lovely new week - the sun is shining and the birds are singing ;-) I have completed the update of my TOOLS section with only a minor problem, not all new stuff could be uploaded (I have only a 100 meg account :P). And since I have another (approx) 2-300 megs of dvd related stuff I would be glad if there is someone who can share some webspace with me. If you have some space to share (prefer fast servers too ;-) then dont forget to send me an email ;-)

Tools I wont be specific on whats new with each release, I will just list them in here so you know what to download. The information about whats new with each version can be found inside the rar files.

New / updated stuff in the TOOLS section: CoolEdit 2000, LeadTools MJPEG 1.001, AVSync 1.30, M2-Edit 2.21, BB Mpeg 1.23, Mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vStrip GUI 0.19i, PowerVCR 1.30, WinVCR 1.22, CladDVD 1.3 and finally VobDec GUI 1.9b.

Links I have also corrected some links in the LINKS section.

Forum And finally I have also moved my forum from the old location to this server - and while I did that also corrected a sendmail bug in the forum. You can read the forum in the FORUM section. I am now also hosting the forum for DVD2MPEG :-)
(Thursday) 15/06/2000 - The clock is ticking...
Update I am going to update the TOOLS section tomorrow or during this weekend with some new applications, tools and other useful stuff - so stay tuned... ;-)
(Sunday) 11/06/2000 - Passed 150,000 visitors (since 1 jan 2000) :-)
Yeah! First and formost - a BIG thanks to all of you who supports (by clicking on banners ;-) and visits this site. Its you who makes it worth working with this site - thanks again. During saturday (10/06/2000) the counter passed 150,000 visitors to this site (since 1 jan 2000) :-)

Links Upon request I have checked, removed and updated the LINKS section, as well as added some new banners (as you can see both in the LINKS section and to the right in this window (payed ads)).
(Friday) 09/06/2000 - Murphy's Law: Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
Links Added kozzmozz.net and updated TheRip.da.ru

WinAmp 2.64 Fix to proxy support for mp3 streaming, Dsp plugin fixes, Justin can't code

WinAmp 2.63 Language pack improvements/cleanups, Giant (2000+) skin archive bug fixed, Promotional offers on install, Streaming improvements (authentification, proxy authentification, dialogless streaming when winamp is not active, content-disposition usage, etc), Minibrowser start page now live if inet connected, Return of out_wm (WMA writer) - lets you transcode your WAV/MP3/MOD/etc. files into WMA!

You can download the latest WinAmp 2.64 from winamp.com

mpg123 plugin This is a new decoding plugin for WinAmp. It has turned out that WinAmp versions below 2.62 has some bugs in the built-in decoding engine. If the latest 2.64 has same bugs - I dont know, but its pretty cool to test :-) Read more at: mpg123 plugin
(Wednesday) 07/06/2000 - Murphy's Law: If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
Personal Stuff I have lent two books from a good friend of mine regarding Visual Basic (just below 1500 pages in total). The stuff I work with at work involves Visual Basic (Visual Studio 6.0) programming - and since I'm pretty poor in windows programming I need to "upgrade" my knowledge. The two books are "Visual Basic 6.0 Professional - Step by Step" by "Microsoft Press - Halvorson" and "Teach yourself Visual Basic 6 in 3 weeks (21 days)" by "SAMS - Greg Perry". So within a month I can tell you how good I have become in VB programming ;-)

Links Updated dreamwavers site to following location: dreamwaver.org

VobDec+ 0.311 New and corrected stuff in this release: Ac3 only ripping possible now, Ac3 stream merged into 1 file, Multiangle fix for Matrix (region 1)

VobDec GUI 1.8 Improvements in this version: Gets Key(s) from Selected VOBs, Gets Key(s) for Each Title, Even Better Main Movie Detection
(Monday) 05/06/2000 - Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
LSX Encoder 3.0 Upon requests I have added this LSX Encoder 3.0 to this site. Exept the encoder it also contains the LSX-Mpeg Player. This encoder can encode into both mpeg1 and mpeg2.

Xing Mpeg Encoder 2.20 Upon requests I have added this Xing Mpeg Encoder 2.20 to this site. Exept the encoder it also contains Xing mpeg Player 3.30, Xing Mpeg Common Files 2.20 and Xing Mpeg Drivers 3.30. This encoder can be used to encode into mpeg1 and to (re)mux mpeg1 streams.
(Sunday) 04/06/2000 - Murphy's Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks.
Links Added a link to a friends homepage. Its called Zipdisqeriet and contains the world of the Zip disc and how the life is at a swedish university ;-)

VobDec GUI 1.7b A lot has happend since the old version that I had on this site, the latest update fixed a Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range Bug (If a DVD has More than 9 VobSets).

Mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vStrip GUI 0.19h A new version out of this well working GUI for both Mpeg2avi, ac3dec and vStrip. This version have: Fixed Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range Bug. vStrip GUI v0.3: Added Dropdown Combobox for More Audio Demuxing Options. Now Detects MPEG2AVI+ v1.1.
(Saturday) 03/06/2000 - Murphy's Law: Everything takes longer than you think.
Another Thanks! Goes to SoulShock and Wimpy (Flexion.org) for helping me to create backup locations for this site, Thanks dudes!

100% DONE! This site is now 100% back online (including the TOOLS section :-)
(Friday) 02/06/2000 - Jingle bells, jingle bells...
A GREAT Thanks! To Genecyber and the crew at Nscreations who helped me find a new host for this (as I prefer to call it ;-) excellent website. More updates will come during this weekend...

Download-server The download server is now back online, I will do my best to try to fix the problem that Netscape users have to download my files - more info on this later.

DV Tool 0.21 Some words from the author about whats new in this release: I fixed some bugs all over the proggy and tried to unify colors, font faces and sizes. Thanks for pointing some nasty stuff out, Diamond!, Data rate calculator, Some new graphics and rearranged some panels, Fixed silly exceptions in advanced mode (e.g. when clicking MP3/WAV radio buttons), Added support for multilanguage AVIs (multiple audio tracks), Added cool PAL/NTSC/Cinema film length computation!, Added compression ratio display, File Processor, CRC32 computation is finally implemented, there is a new radio button for just calculating this checksum and it is available as an option for every processing function, File processing display in status line is now kept after processing is finished, CRC32 is also displayed there, Fixed and improved some other issues here and there..., DVD backup, Replaced the old cheesy DVDinfo module by a new powerful DVD analyser and backup module, Provides all functions the old DVDinfo did and more, Support for single files from anywhere or DVD discs either in your drive or copied to a harddisc, Analyses VOB files for audio and video streams, Video dimensions, aspect ratio, frame rate, CSS & Macrovision protection and region codes, Nice graphics illustrate the number of discs required to backup a title, Online help is now implemented but it still lacks the texts. Would you like to help me?

DVD Genie 3.50 Another long story about whats new with this version, but I think its worth reading: Added the ability to control the WinDVD closed caption display transparency, both foreground and background. This requires a newer version of WinDVD (v2.1 or newer) to be installed and Closed captions enabled through the right-click interface, Made a fix for the Hollywood-Plus 4-Speaker settings to work with the newest drivers. Thanks Einstein, DVD Genie will now detect the newer Cinemaster engines and will prompt you with additional information. The new versions use both the Cinemaster region code, and the Windows region code and thus changing the older setting alone would be ineffectual, CineMaster 2000 Pulldown Reconstruction key was reversed from previous versions, DVD Genie now compensates, Support for 4-Speaker sound cards under Cinemaster 2000 enabled. See the "Downmix Audio to" function in the "More Options" panel, This replaces the "ProLogic" checkbox and may not work on all cards, Altered some of the PowerDVD detection code, Added support for enabling the DVD Navigation button within Media Player 6.4 (and possibly other versions), Added another warning message when trying to erase a non-Windows 98 region key (ones that don't regenerate), The message file (message.dat) has been renamed to "english.msg", and will now be superseded if a different language message file is found with a .msg extension, Some other small bug fixes.
(Thursday) 01/06/2000 - Honey, I'm home ;-)
I'm back! Yup so here I am. The site was offline for two reasons (and it wasnt my fault at all, not even this site fault). Emigo.nu got emails from RIAA cos they (exept my site) also hosted some mp3 sites, and that was the reason why they disappeared. And lod61, well working on that problem - the reason here is that the cable-modem provider (where lod61 is located on) doesnt like servers. The company we should blame here is UPC.

Download-server I still havent found any new download-server to store my 50 megs of downloads at. If you know any then please inform me by sending me an email from here: Send email, thanks in advance!