(Wednesday) 30/08/2000 - I'm spinning around, move out of my way...
CladDVD 1.61 Some new and improved stuff: Altered DVD Drive detection routines (should now be more acurate), Altered CSS detection routines (should be quicker on non-CSS DVD's), Completely changed the Preview VOB to use Win32 API, Completely reorganised / compacted / rewroted RIP routines.

SmartRipper 2.01 New version is out of this ripper. I have still no idea whats new with this one since it still doesnt have any changelog attached.
(Monday) 28/08/2000 - If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
ForceASPI 1.5 ForceASPI now updates the registry with the appropriate keys to fully enable the ASPI layer, even on ATAPI only systems. Hopefully this will be the end of the remaining issues (also known as bugs ;-). Thanks to Stuey for pointing out my oversight, I have also fixed some erroneous messages generated by ForceASPI when running under Win9x.

Mpeg2avi/ac3dec/vStrip GUI 0.19L This new version has added "Seek to Timecode of ac3 (00:00:00 Format)" Option for AC3DEC v0.8.19, Help for AC3DEC and vStrip is Produced Inside Windows, EXEs are Packed with UPX 1.01 (upx.tsx.org), Thanks weegschaaltje.

SubRip 0.81b New feature: When ripping BMP you can now adjust the output size and position of the text image. But for the moment the values in the text file (Optional) are still the originals Picture's size & position. This feature will certainly help the I-Author users. Enjoy :-)

VCD Imager 0.4 Version 0.4 is finally out, changes since alpha 4: CD-i support enabled by default with default CDI path, Added short options, Improved portability.

WinAMP 2.65 Fix to ex-m3u bug/security hole, Improved mp3 http streaming dialog (no longer upsets AVS, etc), Optional aol icon evilness in full version (sorry folks, we sold out). Grab it from: WinAMP.com
(Saturday) 26/08/2000 - It goes round and round and round and...
Searchengine I have updated the searchengine used in the TOOLS section aswell as in the LINKS section. The main thing that has been fixed is the language (earlier it presented errors in swedish - now its corrected to present in english ;-)

Banners I have updated the banners used on this site. You can find them at the bottom of this window and to the right, they are also available in the LINKS section. Check them out ;-)

ForceASPI 1.4 Fixed a major bug which caused some of the scripts to fail under WinNT 4.0. - Thanks to Tronje Bler for spotting it, Added a pause at the end of each script so people running the scripts from Explorer under WinNT or Win2k can see the script output before the windows closes, Fixed a typo in restASPI.bat - Thanks Jozart.

SmartRipper 2.0 No info on whats new with this release. But there has to be something since the version number has rised to 2.0 ;-)

VCD Imager 0.4 alpha 4 This tool is used for pre-mastering cd images suitable for being burned onto cd recordables. It takes MPEG movie files as input and generates an image file and a cuesheet file which can be fed to any burning program which understands the BIN/CUE-format, for example cdrdao and cdrwin among others.
(Tuesday) 22/08/2000 - Enough research will tend to support your theory.
CladDVD 1.60 This version has added all enhancements from cladDVD v1.54 rel1/rel2 and v1.55 beta1 (CSS DETECTION & DVD VOB PREVIEW). Also fixed Drive reseting to 'C:' in the Destination Drive section. CladDVD can now have 'Spaces' in the Destination Directory :-)

Easy VD GUI 3.1 update Use this only for update of your existing installation (in other words you need version 3.0 already installed)! Extract all files in your existing EasyVDGUI installation directory and replace the old files! The updated things in this version are: Added 'skip file' button, Now you can change the name of splitted/merged file, Added a "free disk space" visualisation (destination directory), Bug fixed (cancel find key process...).

ForceASPI 1.2 New release with following modifications: Removed aspichk.exe from the ForceASPI distribution and added download links to the documentation, The scripts displays a more complete status while running, The scripts error checking is slightly enhanced, Added 'killDUMP' to remove your dumped ASPI layer.

VirtualDub 1.4a (No asf/mpeg4-v3 support) A new build (11617) with the versionnumber 1.4a is out:

Features added: Trying an alternate capture audio synchronization method - let me know how it works - hopefully, it'll drop fewer frames, Added ATI 'VYUY' as a synonym for YUY2 in capture mode.

Bug fixes: Fixed stupid video rate dialog bug that always forces the video frame rate mode to 'correct' (thanks to 'MsManiac'), Fixed internal MJPEG driver not being able to open anything, Fixed noise reduction in capture mode (thanks to Eric Warnke).
(Saturday) 19/08/2000 - The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.
NTFS for Win9x 1.07 This tool is used to give Win9x and WinME access to NTFS partitions - this is very good since NTFS can hold files up to 2 terabytes in size.

Thanks to Dark Horse I have updated the executable to version 1.07. This version provides a more stable support under Win98 and WinME for Win2k RC2 NTFS and higher. Hopefully also some speed improvements ;-)

I have also upgraded the included ntfs and ntoskrnl files to newest possible versions.

Stream Anywhere 1.0c build 180 This is an all-in-one solution for authoring streaming media to the web. Stream Anywhere is designed for both novice and experienced web developers. The program creates and edits Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies 4.0 (ASF) files, which feature multiple bit rate encoding (Intelligent Streaming) and Microsoft's new audio codec, code-named MS Audio. In addition, Stream Anywhere authors RealNetwork's RealSystem G2 files, which also feature multiple bit rate encoding (SureStream).

Features: Writes Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies 4.0 (ASF) and RealNetwork's RealSystem G2 encoding formats, One step encoding - encodes to both ASF and G2 in one step, Opens WAV, AIF and MP3 audio formats, Opens AVI, MOV, MPG video formats, Audio pre-processing - 3-band EQ, normalize, resample, Video pre-processing - brightness/contrast, black/white restore, median blur filter, de-interlace, non-square pixels, Visual timeline display - displays video frames and audio tracks in resizable windows, Re-index metadata - for Windows Media Technologies (ASF), Presentation Enhancements - crop, clip, fade in/out, watermark, Encoding - preset templates, setup wizard, batch conversion, Author - HTML and SMIL layouts.

Requirements: Windows 9x/NT 4.0, Pentium 233 (Pentium II 400 MHz recommended for real-time previewing), 32 MB RAM, 5 MB disk space, Windows-compatible sound card, Microsoft DirectX Media Runtime 6.0 or later, Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (for viewing HTML help).

Stream Anywhere 1.0c build 180 Patch I'm sorry - but it seems like the included serial in the Stream Anywhere package is blacklisted (will expire within 7 days). Download this patch from the TOOLS section to correct this error (hopefully a new serial/keygen will be up within a few days).
(Thursday) 17/08/2000 - You never run out of things that can go wrong.
ISO Buster 0.99.4 Lets you explore a CD's File System while by-passing Windows. This way you get: Better Error handling and several retry-mechanisms to aid you in getting the data anyway (or at least partially), More CDs stay 'readable' after problems (such as Buffer Underrun), Read and extraction from CD-i, VCD, SVCD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD, DVCD and more..., Mpg (*.dat) Extraction and dat2mpg 'in one', Short File-names <-> Long File-names, Recursive directory extracting, and more...

On top of this, Isobuster interprets CD image files, such as: *.DAO, *.TAO (Duplicator), *.ISO (Nero, BlindRead, Creator), *.BIN (CDRWin), *.IMG (CloneCD), *.CIF (Creator), *.FCD (Uncompressed), *.NRG (Nero) and *.GCD (Prassi).

SubRip 0.8b What's new:

Corrected: some subtitle missed by OCR (Not a bug, just reduced the "Min. Inter Line" default value in the OCR setup 6 -> 2).

New features: When ripping BMP or SUP you can now get the timing and piture size & position at the same time, Reading of an IFO file to view wich subtitle languages are available. Thanks to Pawel for his sources.

Added: SubViewer 2.x export format, Their is now two different space width detection: one for normal characters and one for italic characters. (Better support of italic), Paths and options are now saved to an INI file, Maximum number of characters in matrix enlarged from 512 to 1024, Improvement of the decoding of SubPictures DCSQT (Commands sequences). Thanks to Bogdan for his help, Small text documentation to help using SubRip, Some new funny buttons.

VirtualDub 1.4 A new version of VirtualDub is out and the VirtualDub website has been redesigned. There is loads of new stuff in this release:

Features added: Hold down SHIFT when scanning through frames to snap to the nearest keyframe. Necessary for MPEG-4, Avisynth scripts are now detected as AVI files and automatically opened using the AVIFile system, Frameserver: AVIFile frameclient now supports proxying Avisynth scripts as .AVI, if they begin with "#avisynth", Added workaround for 71-minute capture problem that affects V2.3 of the Hauppauge capture driver, Added limited read-only support for Matrox MPEG-2 OpenDML format, "Show Decompressed Output" is now disabled by default since it impacts compression speed, VirtualDub now parses and decodes MPEG-1 layer I audio, Frameserver now supports frame deletes, Enhanced IVTC algorithm, thanks to Samuel Audet, Special IVTC algorithm to recover progressive frames from deinterlaced source, The video format and handler FOURCC codes of a video file can now be independently changed, Deinterlace filter now allows field folding and unfolding, to allow video filters to operate in quasi-interlaced mode, Added detection of additional CPU extensions. (Note: They aren't used yet.)

Optimizations: Optimized MJPEG decoder core... again, Precise bilinear and precise bicubic modes of resize filter (MMX) slightly sped up.

Bug fixes: Capture: NT/2000 timer correction has been removed (seemed to be subtly mucking up timing), Frameserver: Aliasing bug causing video stream to indicate original codec has been fixed, Fixed clipping in levels filter when input range is shrunk from (0-255) (thanks to Matt Heaney), Spilled capture with audio disable no longer crashes, Appending motion-JPEG files with one of the split options enabled now works, Fixed some compressors not allowing quality setting changes, Fixed capture time limit getting frozen with Internal capture, Fixed 16-bit mono-to-stereo conversion (thanks to Jim Leonard), VirtualDub now releases the lock on its plugins directory once it has finished autoloading, Fixed spill system not switching files with audio absent, Spaces now work in command-line loading, Fixed broken capture log display option, Added workaround for DirectDraw acceleration under NT/2K for input overlays, Fixed spill drives getting multiply loaded and added to list, Dragging a file onto VirtualDub now resets the filtering system, The first file is closed as soon as possible during a multisegment write, Y41P is now available for capture clipping, TV, levels, fill, field swap, deinterlace, and invert filters now crop properly, No longer reports "unexpected end of file" on video-only MPEG files, Fixed Access Violation in smoother filter if noise prefilter and clipping were used, Multisegment writes work on files with no audio.

Misc changes: "Temporal softener" has been renamed "motion blur."
(Sunday) 13/08/2000 - The most dangerous thing in the combat zone is an officer with a map.
CladDVD 1.53 Here is the authors words if you compare 1.50 with this 1.53 version: I'd still missed a major cause of the 'Runtime Error 5' which should well and truly be now GONE!, phew!, Rather than keep resetting to 'C:\' in the directory list when selecting the 'Destination Directory' option. It will now display your current path setting by default, Fixed destination directory length overflow and ZOrder/SetFocus problems that were both causing a 'Runtime Error 5' on certain PCs, Added check/warning if destination directory exceeds 38 in length, Added filechecks for cladDVD support files to make sure the correct files and versions are being used, Altered the way that cladDVD gets it's key for a 'keyless' VOB when obtaining key from other title key when that other title VOB is 0 KB. (phew), Done some internal clean-ups and removed some debug code I'd left in, Better 'Main Movie' detection (ie - The World is not Enough (R2)), Fixed Remove Macro' starting when 'Skip ALL' was pressed, NTFS File System detection is now done on 'Destination Drive', Progress Feedback from 'Key Scanning'.
(Saturday) 12/08/2000 - Everything that goes up must come down.
Hacking In the middle of this week the servercluster where this (and other) sites belongs were hacked. I have for the moment no further information on what happend exept that some services at the servers stopped working (and some other servers went down) with the result that this site (and others) went offline for a short period in Wednesday. This has now been fixed and the site is 100% back online :-)

Download I'm getting many emails about that the downloads doesn't work. They DO work - the thing is that NETSCAPE DOESN'T. If you read the information that popups when you enter the TOOLS section and also reads the information that is written in top of the page (like about .NFO and RAR) all your questions about the downloads will be answered. And NO, doing a shift + leftclick (or rightclick + "Save As") in NETSCAPE DOESN'T work. However a solution for this problem is on its way that will make netscape work even with single leftclicks ;-)

FlaskMpeg Speed 0.594 004e New version (004 e) is out with the avi sync bugs solved and bugs regarding syncing mp3. Also a bit faster then the old versions if you look at the comparisons that the author (and many more) have done: (Tested on Athlon 800 + 128 MB) Encode 5000 frames using Premiere Plugin (Apachez notes: Panasonic Plugin ?) with Audio: [Orig FlasK] 5,15 fps [FlasK Speed] 6,53 fps. Encode 5000 frames using DivX with Audio: [Orig FlasK] 10,03 fps [FlasK Speed] 14,80 fps.

This version has also added read-cache definitions to the options dialog aswell as fixed some other bugs that were found. However there is still one small bug (introduced by the read-cache): it works only after restarting flask e.g. after opening the vob again. Setting this read-cache optimal it will bring you another 1,5 fps. The read-cache in Orig Flask is 256 KB, on some systems (one harddisk only / less memory) reducing the cache to 64 or 32 will bring you the extra fps.

VobDec GUI 2.6c New version that contains following fixes: Changed Design of 'Free Space Monitor', Added a CheckBox in Order to Update 'Free Space Monitor' During Decryption, CheckBox's Default Value is Off to Avoid Decryption Slowdown, Removed 'Reload' Button (Click Source Drive), Removed 'Skip to Next Vob' & 'Skip to Next VobSet' Buttons from Key(s) Search, Removed 'Use Key(s), 'and GO' Check Boxes and 'Find Key(s) Button (Press GO), Added a Text Box in Order to Set the 'Maximum Blocks to Search' for Key(s), Internal Changes.

Easy VD GUI 3.0 A new GUI is out on the market using VobDec+ 0.311 (included in package). Good for all of you who doesn't like the other GUI's that is out ;-)
(Monday) 07/08/2000 - To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.
ASF Recorder Some words from the author (you can read those and much more in the included readme.txt): With this utility it is possible to download high-quality (high bandwith) content using a low-bandwidth connection (e.g. modem) for later and repeated replay, You can record live video content from web cams and internet broadcasts that you can't record otherwise, The code is written in portable ANSI-C, so it can be compiled on many operating systems. The INTEL byte-ordering of the data stream is processed in a system-independent manner. Only the GUI code is windows-specific and is limited to a Windows platform. Download a stream at university/at work on Unix systems and enjoy it at home on your PC, This tool is using a HTTP streaming protocol. HTTP is a connection-oriented protocol based on TCP. The protocol layer has built in error correction (ARQ). So packet loss does not have any influence on visual or acoustic quality of the downloaded stream. You will always get the same quality that the source stream on the media server can offer, HTTP streaming passes most firewalls. UDP does not. That is the only reason why it was implemented by Microsoft, This utility supports automatic resuming of an interrupted download, This utility does _not_ send detailed information about your computer system to the media server, as the Windows Media Player 6.4 does (monitor the packet traffic for a HTTP transmission and see yourself, if you don't believe me).

VobDec GUI 2.6b Mainly some importent bugfixes in this new release: Added a Progress Bar to Key(s) Search, Fixed a Bug in Restoring Selected Lines After a Key is Found, Fixed a Bug in Default Key Related Code.
(Sunday) 06/08/2000 - Build a system that even a fool can use and only a fool will want to use it.
TOOLS section Updated the TOOLS section with a new design where I hope it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for - if this is not enough then use the search function at the same page ;-)

VobDec GUI 2.6 One of the best GUI's for VobDec has now been updated: Added a Free Space Monitor, Added a Check Button to Show/Hide the Monitor, Now Hard Drives Can be Selected as Source, Default Key "00 00 00 00 00" will Used if VobDec Can't Find One, Keys will be Saved in C:\Keys.ini Only if Source = DVD Drive, In Order to Use a Hard Drive as a Source "VIDEO_TS\Video_ts.ifo" Must Exist, Added Minimize Button to Decryption Process (Double-Click to Restore) Thanks Rangdalf.
(Saturday) 05/08/2000 - Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches.
FlaskMpeg Speed 0.594 004b A new improved version is out :-) In this version the desync bugs seems to have been solved. The increased encoding speed various (I have been told - havent verified myself) from +5% (using panasonic plugin) and up to +20% (using cinemacraft plugin) - the increased speed is also caused by which cpu you use. I havent been able to get what else is new in this release - but if you have time you can run the german readme through babelfish and at least get some words right ;-)

ReMPEG2 1.52 Finally the well awaited version has come out of beta stage. New/changed stuff in this release: Option to limit max. bitrate (for SVCD compliant streams), Added an AC3->MPEG-2 multichannel transcoder (for SVCD) (nobody has yet confirmed that the multichannel streams really play as multichannel and I cannot test it, so this should be considered to be in beta stage), Attempted to optimize the encoding on multiprocessor systems (doesn't quite work so I recommend leaving the "Parallel Threads" option at 1), Some bugfixes, Some new bugs ;-)

SmartRipper 1.10 A new ripper is out on the market. It doesnt have any readme and since I dont have any dvdrom player at this computer I cant tell how good it is. But please report to me if you finds it useful :-)
(Tuesday) 01/08/2000 - The first myth of management is that it exists.
CladDVD 1.50 A new version is out :-) Here is some words from the author on whats new in this release: Completely new GUI, Major internal code changes, Fixed possible problem areas, Added 'Merge Main Movie' option for NTFS file systems, Re-wrote 'Decrypt Movie' option, Check box options now saved as default, Added brief 'Go Commands' and 'Options' HELP, And many more little fixes/changes...