(Saturday) 30/09/2000 - History - past, present and future...
CladDVD 1.62 K3 update This latest update fixes the: "Run-time error 424: Object required" when attempting MacroVision removal. It also includes the v1.62K2 Fix ("Support Files Missing" error message in Win2K).

Dvd2Avi 09.29 This updated version has added support 2GB+ (FAT32 needed) / 4GB+ (NTFS needed) VOB/M2P/M2V files.

Dvd2Avi VFP 09.29 Same as above - but this is the VFP (Video File API) plugin for Dvd2Avi.

Easy VD GUI 3.3 update Now you can delete a dvd title from the database (press [load/delete title...] in the menu bar or file list context menu), If you press "Skip file" during the vob transfer, the status info will be recalulated, Added info line - current location of vobdec.exe (settings dialog) - just for information, A few other little bugs have been fixed.

TMPGEnc beta 12a So here it is - the freeware mpeg encoder that everyone are talking about. This version has alot of new stuff in, so I recommend you to go to the TMPGEnc English Page for more reading. NOTE! The TMPGEnc package from the TOOLS section has the english_patch included (in case you cant read japanese ;-)

TMPGEnc VFP beta 12a This is a VFP (Video File API) plugin for the above TMPGEnc beta 12a.

VobDec GUI 2.8d A new version is out: A vobset that has no key will be searched with findKey.exe (1st pass), A vobset that has the '1st pass failed' key will be searched with vobdec.exe (2nd pass), A vobset that has the '2nd pass failed' key WON'T be decrypted, No more looping when 2nd key search fails, Key search is saved in 'GUI's DIR\KeySearch.log', Keys are saved in C:\Keys.ini under the DVD's serial number to avoid using wrong keys, * There will be an option for choosing between saving keys under volume name or serial number.
(Thursday) 28/09/2000 - I'm now 20 years and 3 days old and counting... :o)
CladDVD 1.62 K update This "bugfix release" has fixed the 'Support Files Missing' error message.

vStrip 0.6a css Fixed a stupid command line parsing bug, Parsing vob-/cell-id as words now (not bytes anymore), Completely changed argument parsing (using - for options now), Renamed 'r' option to 'a', Added output file splitting support (-$N, where N is the size in megs), Output-file is an option now (-oOutName), Ifo-parsing (-i option for filename, -p for program-chain-selection).

Multichannel MP3 I read today an article in a swedish computermagazine about a "new" audio format that can be best described as "multichannel mp3". It is called "Ogg Vorbis" and you can read more about this at vorbis.com and iis.fhg.de/amm. Best of all is that this format is freeware and in our "business" it can be something to look more into.

FORUM section The FORUM section is now back online and you can now also send me emails directly from this site by just clicking on Send email :o)
(Wednesday) 27/09/2000 - I'm now 20 years and 2 days old :o)
20th birthday So here I am - 2 days older since last time I updated the site. The status - well, I dont know if there is such a big difference from when I was 19 years old (for about 3 days ago) - however I'm no longer a teenager ;-) I would also like to send a big THANKS to all of you who has supported this site by clicking on the banners to the right, thanks again.

Remote Selector 1.76 So here it is - by public request - make sure to read the "serial.txt" that is included, since it has been changed.

CrazyRIP 1.51 New stuff: VirtualDUB control Panel, "listen" enhanced, NTSC and PAL, only one click button for all, browse for files and folders, Pastis option :)

Unfortently there are some bugs that might appear: Maybe NTSC size and crop are not good so take FREE NTSC..., No long filenames in directory..., Maybe VirtualDub will not close... so total time not good.

LINKS section dvdipguides.cjb.net (Kalel's dvdrip guides) has now turned into its own domain - dvdrip.ws

I have also added a new article from the site Tech-Junkie regarding dvd backuping :-)
(Monday) 25/09/2000 - I'm now 20 years old :o)
20th birthday So today is the day when I'm no longer a teenager :P To make it short - if you wish to give me a birthday present just click on the textbanners to the right ;-)

aMPEG2avi GUI 1.20 Well - another GUI (in case you didnt like the others ;-) with some words from the author: The GUI in main, has been written for my own use mainly. So u may find some things stupid or un-understandable. Well, i am human :)

CladDVD 1.62 update Remember that you must already have CladDVD v1.6 or v1.61 installed on your system. This new version contains following upgrades: Got rid of FileScriptingObject (FSO) code in favour of Win32 API, Slightly changed Preview, and more info, Slightly amended CSS detection, Now checks for required Destination Space when RIPPING (silly me), Re-done many routines.

CrazyRIP 1.41 A GUI for using mpeg2avi, ac3dec and virtualdub. New features are: Selecting size and crop, Selecting & listen audio substream, One click button to make avi & audio (with normalization), One click button to mux audio & video.

Dvd2Avi 09.24 Updated stuff in this version are: The memory operation of SSE iDCT must be aligned to 16-bit memory address, but memory allocation (especially Win2K) of DVD2AVI (compiled by VC++ 6.0) doesn't always obey to the rule. I have tried to control the address of memory allocation. However, I can't solve this problem perfectly. This may cause the decoding performance of some system (it works fine on my PC) to downgrade 30% or even crash when you are opening the VOB!, Replaced SSE with MMX as the deault iDCT. It's not a good solution but still a solution (^^; Although the transform accuracy of MMX iDCT is not as high as other three ones, it is the fastest iDCT and compliant to IEEE1180/1990 standard also. The difference is hard for human eyes to distinguish. Of course. If you prefer SSE iDCT and it works fine, please switch the option by youself manually.

VirtualDub 1.4c (No asf/mpeg4-v3 support) A new build (11759) with the versionnumber 1.4c is now out:

Features added: New filter - box blur, Levels filter can now work in YCC space to avoid altering saturation, Interface notifies you when multiple input files have been loaded, "Add filename extension" is now on by default (this won't change anything for those who already saved their settings in Preferences), Added workaround for broken DivX audio hacked codec which comes up with no name above the PCM codec in the audio codec list, Added check and warning for DivX drivers, VirtualDub now warns and deletes multisegment files already on disk on a save, preventing old and new saves from mixing.

Bug fixes: Lengthened some job system buffers to handle long filename issues, Levels control now sets the cursor -- no more I-beam when trying to change input levels, Fixed a problem which caused multisegment saves with video compression to break, MPEG layer III correction is now disabled on multi-segment saves to avoid errors on join, Fixed interleaving when saving a file with IVTC enabled and audio interleaving in per-ms mode, Job system no longer writes out filenames as all C-escapes, Fixed the noise reduction in capture mode, AGAIN, since I brought the old code into 1.4b by mistake, Fixed a potential crash with the levels filter, Fixed "copy output frame" command when an in-place filter with clipping is last in the filter list, Fixed a nasty frameserver bug that caused crashes on certain audio reads.

VobDec GUI 2.8c A new version has arrived: Fixed a Bug in Switching Back to 1st Key Search, Fixed a Bug in Switching to 2nd Key Search, Now FindKey Reports Info. Every 100 Blocks for a Faster Search.
(Sunday) 24/09/2000 - Syncing: 5%, 23%, 54%, 75%, 93% - done!
Syncing - done! I have now "synced" this site with the rest of the world and hope that everyone are pleased about this. The forum is still down but will hopefully soon get online - enjoy! :-)

Opium's site I have got many emails from people who wonders "where the hell did he go?" - all I can say is that he will soon have a site back online.

Avi_IO d03.11 By public request I have added this tool to the TOOLS section. Enjoy! :-)

Avi2vcd 1.33 New features: DirectShow support, Vertical resizing, Ability to encode any acceptable avi to any of the three valid VideoCD formats, Support for no audio and mono in addition to stereo audio, Audio resampling to support every standard PC audio sample rate (8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, or 48 KHz), DV Video can be encoded directly without first resampling audio to 44.1 KHz, Added error message regarding attempts to encode compressed audio. (Those which avi2vcd is able to detect), Added user selectable video inversion (some VFW codecs do not properly advertise vertical orientation to DirectShow), Additional debuging information written to log file.

Bug fixes: Corrected video inversion problem for users of Pinnacle DC10+ mjpeg capture card, Corrected major bug which would cause extensive excessive blockiness in video for certain videos with extreme detail and high motion rates as well as some animations, Corrected problem with rerunning encoder without restaring it, used to cause encode to crash the second time if encoder was not exited first then restarted, Numerous other small bug fixes.

Dvd2Avi 09.22 Some words from the author: Implant AC-3 decoder from LiViD Project I think its decoding quality is acceptable. FlasKMPEG takes AC-3 decoder from LiViD Project also. There may be some difference between the output bitstream because DVD2AVI takes the newest version. Computation complexity of AC-3 algorithm is near MP2(VCD)/ATRAC(MD) level and inferior to MP3. I hate AC-3. No matter stereo or multi-channel, the limit of AC-3@DVD-Video is only 448Kbps! The quality of stereo Linear PCM / multi-channel DTS (normally 1536Kbps) is much better for sure, Removed 'Cell ID' and 'VOB ID' display which are unnecessary to end-user.

Dvd2Avi VFP 09.19 A new version of the VFAPI Plug-In which just includes a speed up in the Reference iDCT, this one is a plugin for the above DVD2AVI.

DVD Region Killer 1.01 This version have correct: The two most significant bits of the region byte were incorrectly altered. This had the effect of some titles not running correctly, Some minor changes to the manual.

Easy VD GUI 3.2 update An update for Easy VD GUI 3.0 (which you must install first before suing this update): Ac3 extraction uses the css key in the listbox as default (if available), If find key detection does not find a key, default key "00 00 00 00 00" is used (or just press "Skip" button if it takes too long), New file list context menu item "Enter CSS key manual" to define the wanted CSS key for each item yourself, Added 'check none' button to uncheck all files easily, Automatic authentication seems to work properly now, Some code improvements (disk labels are shown,...).

Mpeg2avi++ 0.04 Small update again.. =:-) Mpeg audio streams will be encoded now.. not only the first one, all ! Limitations: max 9 mpeg2 audio streams will be encoded range is from 0xc0 to 0xca so the "-a" can now called like: -a and -a0x80 <- for ac3 audio streams and -a0xc0 <- for mpeg2 audio streams .. range 0xc0 upto 0xca audiostream id must be given in hex notation, Enhanced the "-a" switch.. you could now specifiy which audio stream should be encoded if you use the "-a" without any further parameters no audio will be encoded so the "-a" can now called like: -a and -a0x80. Audiostream id must be given in hex notation, Removed the decss.. sorry.. but that's not legal stuff.. feel free to reimplement. But it won't be implemented by me in any further releases, First step to replace the existing idctmmx32.. but it's not working correct at the moment this will be implemented in one of the next versions, Made minor changes to some routines, Added one new function in getpic.cpp: - static void Clear_Blocks(comp,count). See then commented out codefragments at skipped_macroblock of how this new function is used.

VobDec GUI 2.8 New good stuff: Browsing for Target DIR Works in Win2K, Faster CSS Detection (VB Code), The '00 00 00 00 00' Key is Used if the 1st File in a VobSet is Not Encrypted, If a VobSet has More than 1 File then the Key Search will Start at the 1st vts_xx_>0.vob, Key Search is Done in 2 Passes in Case the 1st Pass Ends with No Key, Added Network Drives Support to 'FreeSpace Monitor', 'FreeSpace Monitor' is Hidden as a Default and its Last Status is Saved, 'FreeSpace Monitor' is Hidden when Minimizing Forms, Restored Old ProgressBar (the New Control Caused Errors), Removed 'VobDec GUI' 3D Laser Effect Code that Also Caused Errors, Added Minimized Button to Merging Process, Fixed Bugs in Merging Process ProgressBars, *.ifo and *.bup Files are Now Selectable from the ComboBox Dropdown Menu.
(Wednesday) 20/09/2000 - Return of the Jedi.
Hi all :o) Finally the site is 100% back online - well almost ;-)

The TOOLS section is 100% back online but the forum is still offline. I will fix the forum in the next few days (I need to check and configure the scripts and also do some tests for this new server). So I have scheduled a "resync" (where I will update the TOOLS section with all the new stuff that have came out during the last week when the site was offline) to this upcoming weekend. So stay tuned ;-)
(Sunday) 17/09/2000 - Entering search-mode...
Temporarily offline

Hi all!

The server that earlier hosted my site has been taken offline - still no idea why but I think I have some candidates for the reason.

Anyway - I am now searching for a new place to store my whole site on (a new webhost).

What I need is this: an account that is larger then 110 MB, bannerfree, perl (cgi-bin) and ftp access. Also (if possible) have its own ip address.

If you can help me with this then please send me an email to: apachez@home.se

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
(Monday) 11/09/2000 - *Damn* I'm tired right now... z Z z Z Z
Mpeg2avi++ 0.02 New version was released today. Here is what have been fixed: Splitted the source to generic-encoding library and encoder, Sources in \mpeg2avilib can now be used as a encoding library, Sources in \mpeg2avipx3 shows how to implement the engine, Fixed the asm-routines, Added "-a" switch for video-decoding only, Added fps-display.

Opium's site I'm aware of the problem that Opium's site is no longer available and have therefor recently talked with Opium. It seems like he doesnt have that much time for the moment, but hopefully his site will be back online shortly. Until then I will still link to his location because once its up it will be under the redirect http://start.at/opium :-)
(Saturday) 09/09/2000 - A program is a spell cast over a computer, turning input into error messages.
Avi2gui This is a gui for the encoder named Avi2mpg (described below).

Avi2mpg 1.11 Avi2mpg is a command line based program. It is a general purpose mpeg encoder for encoding a wide range of input video resolutions. Basically a combination of the MSSG video codec, the ISO audio encoder, and Christoph Moar's mplex system stream encoder, all available or referenced at mpeg.org. It was originally released in 1997 as a freeware alternative to commercial encoders available at that time. It has been enhanced by various contributors since then to include numerous new features and enhancements. If using a command line program doesn't scare you off, you should find this useful.

Avi2vcd 1.32 Did you buy a CD burning package with the intention of making VideoCD's, only to find out when you get it home that it doesn't come with an encoder to turn your avi files into mpeg files so you can actually make VideoCD's ? Then avi2vcd is what you need. Avi2vcd is an mpeg encoder with only one purpose: Encoding VideoCD 2.0 compliant mpeg streams. Avi2vcd can create all 3 valid VideoCD streams: FILM (23.976 fps), PAL (25 fps), and NTSC (29.97 fps). The horizontal resolution must be 768 pixels or less, the vertical resolution must be 576 pixels or less. Audio need not even be present, and if it is, can be stereo or mono, 8 or 16 bit, and any of the following sample rates (as long as the audio is NOT compressed): 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, or 48 KHz. Avi2vcd can directly encode DV type 1 and type 2 avi's.

Mpeg2avi++ 0.01 PX3 has done it again. First he optimised FlaskMpeg and now he has started a project to optimise the Mpeg2Avi :-) This is the first release of the optimised Mpeg2Avi called Mpeg2avi++ 0.01, enjoy!

Wav2mp 1.00 Wav2mp is a command line based program. It will encode any windows wav file that is in uncompressed PCM, with samples rates of 11.025, 22.05, or 44.1 KHz and 8 or 16 bit. Using the default parameters, it is as easy as typing "wav2mp sourcefile" to encode a wav file "sourcefile.wav" to an mpeg file "sourcefile.mp2". Note: this is a layer 1 and 2 encoder only. It will NOT encode layer 3.

SmartRipper 2.02 Still no idea whats new with this version since it still doesnt have any changelog attached, but obviously there has to be something that is new ;-)

VobDec GUI 2.7b A couple of updated stuff: - Fixed some bugs in the merging process, Now comes as a full package, EXEs are now packed with UPX 1.01 (upx.tsx.org), Changed progressbar control, Decryption progressbar now reaches 100%, Fixed a bug of reseting 2nd progressbar when minimizing/moving decrypying form, Enabled merge option with a progressbar (known bugs will be fixed in the next release), More bug fixes and more bugs introduced ;-)

Thanks to Doom9, Erno, MoonMan and Rangdalf for testing and thanks to Apachez, CloneAD, Erno, Greg M, DVBot and Nautilus for helping!

Important: Erase c:\DD-GUI2.ini before running this version!
(Tuesday) 05/09/2000 - Just cruiusin', where baby I dont care - Just cruiusin', as long as you take me there - Just cruiusin', somewhere between the minds - Just cruiusin'...
DVD Genie 3.80 Here is whats new in 3.80: Adjusted the Matrox G400 Auto-TV mode code to work with newer versions of Matrox's PowerStrip, Added support for Dolby Headphones when using WinDVD v2.2 and up, Added direct regional support for WinDVD v2.2 (useful for auto-region), You can now disable the CineMaster 2000 region warning by pressing the ignore button when the message pops up, Sub-Windows (WinDVD/CineMaster/Windows) visibility is now remembered even after closing DVD Genie, Fixed a bug that preventing you from closing a Sub-Window when DVD Genie was minimized to the tray, Fixed a bug in the auto-insert notification, it wouldn't clear the box even though the actual entry was cleared, Asus have switched their DVD Player from WinDVD to PowerDVD, so in the more recent versions of the AsusDVD Player, use the PowerDVD tab, Hopefully after god knows how many versions, the Windows 2000 exception glitch should be fixed!, The Windows region reset key has been removed, It was not really needed as you could set any region directly and some people were confused by it's usage.

ForceASPI 1.7 The Command Prompt windows now close on completion and the registry keys gets added without prompting. Thanks to Apachez for these suggestions. :-)

Panasonic Plugin 2.51 So here it is - the long awaited Plugin 2.51 :-) I have no clue on what has been fixed, but I heard that a PAL DV bug was found and fixed among other things.

Panasonic Standalone 2.51 So here it is - the long awaited Standalone 2.51 :-) I have no clue on what has been fixed, but I heard that a PAL DV bug was found and fixed among other things.

VirtualDub 1.4b (No asf/mpeg4-v3 support) Yet another serious bug in VirtualDub, but this time, this one is really serious: it causes data corruption. So here we go, 1.4b...

Bug fixes: Fixed a critical problem which caused multisegment joins to corrupt data on read, leading to -100 errors or corrupted output files - thanks to Alan Cuthberson, Reverted to old video capture synchronization system - thanks to all of you who moaned and bitched ;-)
(Sunday) 03/09/2000 - Getting jiggy with it...
Wow What a week: School started, dhs.org closed my subdomain, the counter for this site passed 300,000 visitors (since 1st jan 2000) and the site is celebrating (inofficially) 1 year on the web :-)

School started Yup - that means that there, probably, wont be daily updates but almost ;-) I will still update and response to emails but remember that the school now has my number 1 priority ;-)

Changed subdomain The subdomain has been changed to: http://apachez.yi.org

I know that a lot of people bookmarks a page ones they get there - thats why I always recommend people to bookmark a location by using its redirect name instead of its physical location.

What has happend is that dhs.org has closed my subdomain for an unknown reason (I still havent got any email from them). Therefor I have changed all my redirection addresses to instead point at: http://apachez.yi.org

The most common redirections for my site (and should be used instead of the physical address) are:
and finally (current "physical" address) http://apachez.yi.org

300.000+ (since 1st jan 2000) Just want to give a small "thank you" to all of you who has visited and supported this site - thank you :-)

(Inofficially) 1 year on the web :-) Yup - thats true (believe it or not ;-) This site was started for about a year ago as a small, private site that explained some tricks involving dvd movies and has now grown into a "big" site with better design, a well working forum and more visitors. I use the word "inofficial" since this site was officially launched 1st january 2000 at 05:04 - I will come back to this later this year...

Purpleman's tutorials Another tutorial site has popped up on the web. This one is (Purpleman's own words): "a kickass tutorial for creating DivX using Mpeg2Avi without syncing problems". The location is http://purpleman.does.it

DVD Region Killer 1.0 This is a software that enables you to play DVD titles made for different regions on your PC, without the hassle to switch the region of your Windows operating system and / or the region of your DVD player software back and forth. The data which is read from the DVD-ROM is being modified "on the way" to the DVD player software. If the DVD player software checks the region on the DVD, it will always see a matching region code and will play the DVD. DVD Region Killer works currently only with Win9x kernels (which means: Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME).

ForceASPI 1.6 This version has fixed some compatibility problems with Win9x, thanks to Tymoteusz Swiech.

Huffyuv 2.1.1 Huffyuv is a very fast, lossless Win32 video codec. "Lossless" means that the output from the decompressor is bit-for-bit identical with the original input to the compressor. "Fast" means a compression throughput of up to 38 megabytes per second using a 416 MHz Celeron. Huffyuv is intended to replace uncompressed YUV as a video capture format. It is fast enough to compress full-resolution CCIR 601 video (720 x 480 x 30fps) in real time as it's captured on a machine. Huffyuv also supports lossless compression of RGB data, so it can be used for the output of programs like VirtualDub.