(Sunday) 29/10/2000 - As Microsoft once said: That vulnerability is completely theoretical. Yeah right ;-)
aMPEG2avi GUI 1.40 New version is out. This edition contains also all the softwares that this GUI are using. However I have no clue whats new in this version - only that the version counter jumped from 1.33 to 1.40 :-)

AVI Mux 0.2 With this program you can create AVI files with more then 2 audio streams, Input AVI files can be without audio stream(s) or with 1 or more streams, You can now mux AVI files too, video stream will be ignored, Added command line support: avimux "Input.AVI" "Output.AVI" "File1.wav" ["File2.avi"].

DVD Decrypter 1.6 New version has been released today:

Changes between 1.4 -> 1.5: You can choose how often Key searches are performed...either on per VOB file basis or VTS Set, Fixed a bug whereby if you tried to "stop" the ac3 stream information scanning bit but it finish searching before you clicked "yes", the window wouldnt close, Program settings are now saved (in the registry) upon exit and reloaded when the program is next run, DeCSSPlus is now the primary algorithm with VobDec as the secondary algorithm (in case DeCSSPlus fails), The default number of times a key must be found by the DeCSSPlus algorithm in order to cease searching has been reduced from 10 to 1, You are now given the choice of merging the AC3 or M2V output of VOB files together to make one big AC3/M2V file, or like in previous versions of DVD Decrypter, creating seperate AC3/M2V files for each VOB file processed.

Changes between 1.5 -> 1.6: CSS Detection (that I hope works!), You can now decide whether or not the program automatically selects the main movie files (if any) when it starts, Changed the default algorithm back to VobDec (primary) and DeCSSPlus (secondary - if VobDec Fails) - WHY??? - Because I prefer it that way!
(Saturday) 28/10/2000 - Microsoft got hacked, suprised? I'm not!
aMPEG2avi GUI 1.33 update New features in version 1.33 (Note! this is an update - you need to have version 1.32 previously installed): Added Bitrate Calculator for DivX/MPEG (thanx to PX3 for some help), Added IVTC Support (greetz to mikegun :), All Window Status is now saved ("Advanced" opened or not etc.), Little bugs fixed...

Dvd2Avi 10.26 Changes since version 10.20: 'Video List' random delete, Implement 'Integral Normalize'. For futher information, refer to 'About Normalization' as follows, Implant 48->44.1KHz downsampling from WAVEFS44 developed by WTC (thank WTC san) accompanied with some optimizations and speeds up 50~70% processing time: Speed 0.14X, Normal 0.35X, Quality 1.4X (benchmark under P3-650) frequency cut-off: Speed 19.4KHz, Normal 21.2KHz, Quality 21.6KHz, According to Nyquist Law, the frequency response of 44.1KHz sampling rate is 22.05KHz. This is the theoretical limit but downgrades with lossy compression such as AC3 or MPA, The frequency response of AC-3 audio seldom outranges 20KHz (almost lower than 18KHz). That's why we usually perceive a metallic, distorted sound in (low bitrate) AC3/MPA. So you may choose 'Speed' option while you work against time, I suggest 'Normal' or even 'Quality' option for LPCM which usually reaches to limit 22KHz, Implement 'Process WAV' for whom want to decode AC-3 through other applications. It performs 48->44.1KHz downsampling, normalization, and delay compensation all at once. Input the value recorded in filename for 'Compensate Delay'.

DVD Decrypter 1.4 I accidently misspelled this software's name when I placed it on this site earlier - that has now been corrected ;-)

Changes between 1.2 -> 1.3: You now have the ability to choose which AC3 stream is ripped - 0x80 - 0x89, You now have added the ability to choose which region the DVD is patched to, Added a "Select Main Movie Files" option in the Edit Menu, Totally rewrote the DVD Region Info function to properly detect "multi region" dvds, MultiAngle detection has now been implemented (as good as I could get it with my limited (almost none) knowledge of DVD streams), Probably some other 'small' changes to code?

Changes between 1.3 -> 1.4: AC3 Stream Information, Choose the order in which, the key finding algorithms are applied, You can now set the number of key occurrences the DeCSSPlus algorithm should stop after, You can now choose to just skip one file when you press the stop button or to cancel the whole thing, The main movie files (and the corresponding IFO file) are selected by default when the program starts, The files in the list are no longer "deselected" when you perform actions on them (i.e. decrypt, findkey etc.), All the file selection functions ("Select Main Movie" "Select All" and "Invert Selection") now remember which item had focus, and which item was at the top of the "visible" list before you clicked them. These values are restored when the function has done its stuff.

Vob 2 Avi 0.450 Things that have been fixed: Video Compression works (no resize : 720x576), Explicit error messages, Video and Audio Mux supported but seems buggy (Windows Media Player doesn't read it, but VirtualDub does it !).

VobReader C++ Class This is a Class source file to read vobfiles of a dvd disc. This can be handy if you are doing a new program or if you already made a program but with no "VobDec". Functions and how this Class can be used is described in detail in the included VobReader.txt.
(Wednesday) 25/10/2000 - Halloween is getting closer and closer...
Ac3 2 Wav GUI 0.03 What's new in this release: You can now select how to do the normalize, Automaticly, so peaklevels are searched and the gain is normalized, Amplify by db, which you select using this little nice slider =:-), Limited the db amplify to max 50 db.

DVD Decryptor 1.2 This is a new dvd decryptor that looks promising. A new version, 1.2, is out, in fact there were 3 releases of 1.2. The download at this site is the latest 1.2 release and here is what's new: Macrovision Removal code sometimes didnt work (i.e. on Jurassic Park - The Lost World) - FIXED!, Added a "Both" option to Algorithms. VobDec Algorithm is used first and if it doesnt find a key, it try again using the DeCSSPlus Algorithm...after that, it gives up!, Drive Authorisation is now loads quicker...I have used calls to ASPI to speed things up...it now only trys to authenticate those drives that report themselves as being DVD rom drives or fail to report anything at all (non MMC3 compliant drives), "Rip AC3 Stream" option put back in - now on Context / File menu, "Rip M2V Stream" option put back in - now on Context / File menu, Fixed Loads of bugs to do with the Context / File Menu, Fixed a bug (potential crash) whereby you could terminate the scanning / decrypting process after it had actually happened.

Then there was 1.2 2nd edition which fixed the problem where key finding worked with just DeCSSPlus ticked but not when Both was ticked.

Then there was 1.2 Final which removed the 1st/2nd pass messages and is the version that can be downloaded form this site.

LINKS section I have added a link to a site that offers you to burn your own DVD-R, read more at: Burn DVD-R.
(Sunday) 22/10/2000 - Freedom of speech - use it or loose it!
Ac3 2 Wav 0.02 PX3 is a really productive dude - now he have started to optimize ac3 handling routines. This version contains following optimisations: Normalizer is now integrated, so the WAV File will be normalized (gain) after encoding.

Ac3 2 Wav GUI 0.02 This is a graphical edition of the above software, this version contains: Blewed up the filesize =:-), Added Elapsed time.

Avi2vcd 1.34 This version have corrected some minor bugs (compared to 1.33).

CladDVD 1.64 update It seems like the 'MultiAngle' option on DVD rippers causes great confusion, to help matters amendments have been made: 'RIP Full DVD' will 'rip' WITHOUT 'MultiAngle' due to 'IFO' files being 'ripped', irrelevent of 'MultiAngle' check box setting, If 'Decrypt Movie' option chosen with 'MultiAngle' NOT ticked, the the main movie's 'IFO' file will be taken too.

Dvd2Avi 10.20 Fixed the bug of program stream (.VOB .M2P) parsing (thank bug report of OVER san), This bug will cause I/O routine to misread while the video packet size is equal to or smaller than 4 bytes, Only a few of DVDs bring such kind of stream.

Dvd2Avi VFP 10.20 This is the updated VFAPI plugin for the above software.

FlaskMpeg DVB 0.594 001 This is a "special edition" of flaskmpeg that allows you to handle DVB streams (you know, those who you can save to the harddrive if you have a satellite tv-card).

My Flix 2.02 A new version is out of this mpeg1 editing software (like cutting and joining).

Normalize 0.22 Normalize is a very fast PCM WAV normalizer. In version 0.22 samples are now clipped correctly when "over-normalizing" instead of producing overflows and very strange results, they're just clipped to the highest/lowest possible sample value.

VFAPI Reader 1.03b A new version of the VFAPI Codec is out. Unfortunately I can't tell you whats new becuase I can't read Japanses ;-)

Vob 2 Avi 0.411 A vob to avi encoding software, since version 0.4 of this tool the updates are as follow: Add a new error message, Correct an error while trying to see Infos & changes, Added Show Property pages of filters, Interface is easier to understand, Added "none" for compressors, That Works! Audio can be compressed!
(Thursday) 19/10/2000 - Did you know that "embargo" backwards is "o, grab me" ? ;-)
Happy day (again) :-) During tuesday the counter for this site passed the 350.000 (since 1st jan 2000) border. I would like to send a big THANKS to all of you who have visited and supported this site :-)

Cinema Craft Premiere Regpatch Wow, someone got really upset about my release of Cinema Craft - no, not Cinema Craft themself - but the person from whom I have downloaded the demo version. Doom9 wanted to have his name on this site - so here you go ;-) Anyway, this reg patch will make the CinemaCraft installer to believe that you have Adobe Premiere already installed and therefor allow you to install the plugin.

Dvd2Avi 10.18 New version containing (authors words): Fixed the bug of I-frame backward (incorrect behavior with 'Fault Tolerance'), Fixed the super big bug of .D2V writing: Please don't use 10/14 & 10/16 DVD2AVI (VFAPI Plug-In 10/14 is ok). Actually, it seems to be the bug of the compiler instead of the code. I can't believe that the result of fprintf(file, "%d %d %d", a, b, c); is different from the result of fprintf(file, "%d %d", a, b); fprintf(file, " %d", c);

Easy VD GUI 3.5 Whats new in version 3.5: Much better and faster CSS key detection with findkey.exe (thanx DD!) (be sure to have findkey.exe in your selected vobdec.exe directory!), Removed "authentication warning message" from settings dialog, Automatic dvd authentication during startup and if changing to a drive with a valid ...\video_ts directory (manual authentication: menu bar), Changing of vobdec.exe location on settings dialog possible, A few bug fixed (lba searching), Lots of code improvements :-)

ISO Buster 0.99.5 This software lets you explore a CD's File System while by-passing Windows. This way you get: Better Error handling and several retry-mechanisms to aid you in getting the data anyway, More CDs stay 'readable' after problems (such as Buffer Underrun), Read and extraction from CD-i, VCD, SVCD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD, DVCD..., Mpg (*.dat) Extraction and dat2mpg 'in one', Short File-names <-> Long File-names, Recursive directory extracting, And more.

On top of this, Isobuster interprets CD image files, such as: *.DAO, *.TAO (Duplicator), *.ISO (Nero, BlindRead, Creator), *.BIN (CDRWin), *.IMG (CloneCD), *.CIF (Creator), *.FCD (Uncompressed), *.NRG (Nero), *.GCD (Prassi), *.P01, *.C2D (WinOnCD).

It's easy to use, It's thoroughly tested and more important: It's for FREE ! This application will work under Windows 95, 98, 2000 & Windows NT 4.0.

VobDec GUI 3.1 Updated version is out: 'Region Free' code is now in VB (Thanks Nautilus), If 2nd pass fails the VobSet will receive the key 11 11 11 11 11, Removed "Run-time error '58': File already exists" bug when authenticating, Authentication is done only if needed, No more crashes at start up if target DIR was removed or changed, Improved code of a few functions, Removed more small bugs.
(Sunday) 15/10/2000 - The autumn has now arrived.
Happy day :-) I just got the news from my phonecompany that the telestation (axe-station) in my area has been upgraded for ADSL, let see how fast they can deliver that service to my apartment :-)

aMPEG2avi GUI 1.32 This version includes following fixes:
(since 1.31) Removed *BIG* Profile Import Bug, PX3 Mode Setting status will be saved on exit, Fixed "Filter Quality" Bug, AC3 Output Directory Settings status will be saved on exit, All File Locations are automatically saved, Fixed "AC3 InputFile Dialog" filter to show .vob & .lst files.

(since 1.20) Changed ShutDown function, now works under any Win32 OS (incl. Win2k/ME), Added QuickLink to Tsunami's MPEG2Avi Parameter-Kalkulator, Fixed "InputFile Dialog" filter to show .VOB & .LST files (thanx to Cayne), Removed "General Settings", moved "Auto Load INI" to "File Locations", Profile List is now auto sorted alphabetically, Added Profiles provided by PX3 (thank u for that), Added Import & Export Functions for Profiles, Changed Profile format to save Advanced Settings (if used), too.

Dvd2Avi 10.14 New versions of DVD2AVI and VFAPI Plug-In are available, here is what's new: I-frame based forward/backward, It does not always work but usually works ^^;, Shortcut key: left margin [, right margin ], backward <-, forward ->, Fix some minor bugs of position.

Dvd2Avi VFP 10.14 The VFAPI Plug-In for the above Dvd2Avi 10.14, in this version the structure of .D2V has been changed (smaller size).

File Fix 1.00 A new tool on the market. This is a filefixing software to use over the internet - to restore and compare files using similar technology that the latest version of pcAnywhere are using.

And to verify that this isnt a new trojan or backdoor kind-a-thing I have been in contact with Kasperky Lab's (those who have created AVP) to verify that its ok to use this software: Hello! nothing trojan/backdoor-like found. Regards, Eugene Kaspersky Lab.

I think the readme.txt from this package will explain this software better: This program was designed for anybody who has experienced downloading a large file, only to discover that something has gone wrong in the downlaod and it is corrupt. If its a zip file, it wont unzip, if its a divx-file it wont play correctly. It will fix any type of file, the above are just examples of the type of application. Sometimes even if you download a file and it appears to work, it still may have errors. This program could be used to make sure the file is an exact copy of the one you downloaded,and if not, make it one!

The program uses a matemathical to compare tow files which are not on the same computer, and then copy only the difference between the two files. For example you could "fix" a 100MB file in a matter of seconds, and by sending as little as 100kb. that is a huge saving in time, as to downlaod a 100 MB file on any connection is a pretty big task!
(Friday) 13/10/2000 - Ahh... friday and weekend :-)
Friday the 13th So here it is - the worst day on the year for some people and the best day on the year for others. I dont know what cathegory you belong too, but I have updated this site with some really good stuff - enjoy! :o)

PIC Video The PICVideo codec offers the most advanced compression solutions to enhance your video application. PICVideo is optimized for performance - providing the ONLY Motion JPEG or Lossless JPEG compressor capable of 640 x 480 pixel 30 frames per second capture and playback of color and greyscale video on a Pentium II processor. PICVideo’s compression technologies take full advantage of the Intel Pentium II MMX, Pentium III and AMD Athlon class processors for maximum speed and performance!

Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.50 New version that everyone seems to be requesting. Personally I hate this product because it doesnt work on my system (it only works on systems using p3 and athlon cpu's), but you might love it ;-)

Etymonix MPEG2 1.00 The Etymonix MPEG-2 (I-frame) video codec is a software video compressor/decompressor based on the standard Video for Windows (VfW) architecture. This codec is specifically engineered to preserve quality during image processing while providing better compression than lossless solutions. Typical compression ratios between 2:1 and 5:1 can be achieved. Along with the common YUV 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 modes used in the video industry, it provides a unique YUV 4:4:4 mode for better-than-broadcast quality. The package contains a patched dll that make this software now work unlimited and it should also have MMX enabled now!
(Monday) 09/10/2000 - Bumble Bees...
New week :-) A new week has started and already there are new tools out on the market, or what do you say about:

Dvd2Avi 10.09 This new version contains a bug fix for normalization (burst in the end of LPCM).

Dvd2Avi VFP 10.09 This is the VFAPI plugin for the above software - this version has improved performance of random seek.

Mpeg2avi++ 0.05 Our friend PX3 is really productive in (speed)improving our tools, here are his words on whats new with this latest release:

Again a small update. did some bugfixes and speed improvements: Fixed a bug from the last version. In some cases you got scrambled blocks on parts of the picture. This is fixed now, Changed functions in the vresizer to direct pointer usage. So no time is wasted on function call for local stack allocation and var-assignments (shrink4xx), Moved some errorcheckings to a central routine in store.avi. Errorchecking is now done once. Improves the speed because of less errorchecking in often called functions, Made some modifications in the aviwriter. Should bring a little bit more speed, To get more speed out of the aviwriter, i needed to remove the automatic split of avi-files. so if you would like to split the avi after xxx KB you must (!!) specify. Avi files will no longer be automaticly splittet after 2GB. Use the -$ switch to specify the filesize, Removed the display of mpeg frame and aviwrite. Added a new structure in which the runstate is written. Display is now done in mpeg2dec.c, Increased the number of files in the ".lst" to max 16 files (mpv_read.h), Added display of #RT (remaining time) to encoding, Added display of #ET (elapsed time) to encoding, Added new member vars to the vobreader.cpp. Total filesize and current filepos over all vobs are now avail (needed this for #RT function), Added a readbuffer to Vobreader.cpp. The readbuffer is set to duplicate size of the MPV_BSBUFSIZE. Since MPV_BSBUFSIZE ist actually set to 65536 bytes the readbuffer is initalized to 131072 bytes, Don't look in the source on mpeg2avipx3.c =:-) i'm just playing around with some stuff there...
(Sunday) 08/10/2000 - Its a sad day - Schumi won the WC (formula 1) :(
Busy week Finally I got some time over to update the site - I have been struggeling with VHDL among other things the whole week (school stuff) and finally managed to finish it :-) The updated tools can be retrieved from the TOOLS section - enjoy :-)

CladDVD 1.63 Words from the author: Completely re-wrote most routines from scratch, Added correct css detection automatically on file decryption, Added 'Total Progress' indication, Fixed incorrect KEYS obtained on some occasions on extra's VOB's, Fixed rare problem of 'Run-time' error at the end of a KEY scan, Fixed incorrect destination directory being used when using 'merge'.

For correct DVD decryption to occur, DVD AUTHENTICATION must take place. cladDVD via vobdec will attempt this, if it fails, you MUST do it manually, especially Win2K users.

CrazyRIP 1.51p This slightly updated version contains: Change of GUI, Shutdown computer after task ended, Add divx auto, Option for overwriting files, Fix size & crop of ntsc 2.35:1, Fix some minor bugs, Pastis option :)

Dvd2Avi 10.07 New stuff: MPEG Audio demux without header identification, Audio normalization, Display Vob/Cell ID (may be helpful to some softwares such as SmartRipper, MpegUtils).

You can now also preview VOBs on DVD directly (just follow these steps): Put DVD into DVD-ROM and play by software DVD player for authentication, Check 'Fault Tolerance' option, Load VOBs with the same title (VTS_X_YYY | X is identical), Waiting for purely black picture... :-)

Note: 'Fault Tolerance' is something like VobDec but available ONLY FOR PREVIEW!

Dvd2Avi VFP 10.07This is the VFAPI plugin for above Dvd2Avi 10.07, The decoding structure has been changed and speeds up 11~17% (depends on Video Type).

Dvd2Avi GUI 1.06 b1 (mpeg2avi/ac3dec) New: More PAL resolutions, Experimental NTSC resolutions, Vobdec.exe and divxauto.exe are included in 1.06 zip file, Only valid AC3 streams can be selected, Overwrite option and overwrite warning, It's now possible to select vob files direct from dvd (however only region-free dvd's can be converted to avi), More fps settings, Possible again the open a vob file at a specified LBA, More tooltips, All included exe and dll are compressed with upx (let me know if there are any problems/performance issues).

Fix: Now it's also possible to select Fast Motion Codec.

Bug: Preview audio and video doesn't work anymore, Only possible to select a vob folder with less than 8 characters, Only possible to select a vob file with a name less than 8 characters.

Todo: Ac3 to Wav decoding (based on version 8.19), Make it possible to extract only a AC3 stream from the vob.

VFAPI Reader 1.03 This tool will display / list all VFAPI plugins installed in your system. VFAPI stand for Video File API (the really long explaination is: Video File Advanced Programming Interface, just so you know ;-) and is now supported by more and more software. With VFAPI you can (for example) work directly with VOB files the same way as you can work with AVI files in Adobe Premiere.

VobDec GUI 3.0 New features: Skip buttons works under Win2K which means the GUI is fully Win2K compatible now, No more batch file for key search, decryption and merge operations, Renamed VobDec.exe to VobDecDD.exe in order to avoid overwriting other releases, Works with DVDs that have more than 100 files, Enabled demacro option (VB code), Macrovision functions were converted from C++ to VB by Nautilus, Thanks to Doom9 and EasyProgs4U for testing.

vStrip 0.6b Maven has released vStrip 0.6b which includes IFO parsing and a new commandline parser.

vStrip 0.6b css This is same as above with a small change, it can directly handle CSS encoded files - like from a DVD disc :-)