(Sunday) 31/12/2000 - Happy New Year 2001!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish to send a Happy New Year 2001 to all of you (540.000) who have visited this site during 2000. There have been some downs but many ups for this site. I have some ideas for 2001, but I wont tell you them in case I dont manage to keep the promises ;-) But I can guarantee you that 2001 will be a good year for Apachez website.

Keep in touch and peace!
(Monday) 25/12/2000 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
A BIG THANKS! To all of you who have visited this site over this year. You are now more then 520.000 people who found your way to this site. I know its not good to stare at the "hitcounter", but I can tell (by looking at the "hitcounter" ;-) that people likes this site and this will encourage me to continue my work by keeping this site updated. Hope you will find this site useful even in the future. Take care! (and dont eat to much meatballs, ham, candy...) :-)

BB Mpeg 1.23 Made some audio changes so bbMPEG now works correctly with FlaskMPEG, fixed a multiplexing video delay problem, fixed a problem embedding the max bitrate values, changed the multiplexing video stream scanner so it operates faster, and added variable motion operation where the encoder varies the motion search windows depending on the video content (this can speed up encoding significantly in low motion video, but it can also decrease encoding speed in high motion video).

BB Mpeg source 1.23 This is the sourcecode for the above software.

BB Mpeg 1.24.16 Note! This download only contains the updated AVI2MPG2.EXE (v1.24 b12), AVI2MPG2_VFW.EXE (v1.24 b12) and bbMPEG.DLL (v1.24 b16) files. It does not contain updated help or readme files, if you do not have the help files, you may want to get them from the version 1.23 download.

BB Mpeg source 1.24.16 This is the sourcecode for the above software.

BB Tools 1.7 A bunch of tools made by Brent Beyler (also the author of BBMpeg (above)) to analyse and work with streams of any mpegx file (like .mpg and .vob). This latest version contains some increased speed, thanks to Christian Vogelgsang.

BB Tools source 1.7 This is the sourcecode for the above software.

BitRate Viewer 1.2 With this software you can Key benefits: Check the bitrate level, See the quantization scale, Be informed about the major stream properties - of any NTSC or PAL type MPEG compressed file. This version contains: Horizontal scrollbar instead of the navigation buttons, Small changes in the code for errorless and faster functioning, Spreadsheet about the seconds, Display the current bitrate and the quantization scale in gauuge, Exports the GOP and Seconds sheet' content into xls, doc, html and text file, The sheets above can be printed, More accurate Quantization Scale display, up to two decimals - either on the graph or on the spreadsheet.

CCS Monitor This is a monitoring software to check the data send on the ASPI layer. This way you can track down the CSS keys sent from/to the dvdrom/software in your system. Read more in the included readme.txt.

CladDVD 1.70 This release contains: Slightly altered GUI, Added Splash Screen during StartUp/Authentication, Not using Vobdec for MacroVision removal, Re-wrote MacroVision routine (C++) - now faster, Various routine changes.

Compress Avi 1.04b12 CompressAvi is a tool that can make avi files 10-40% smaller. CompressAvi is specially designed for divx avi files. The tool can be used to create smaller divx files so that the movie does fit on 1 cd. Note : it does only "compress" video , no audio. Read more in the included readme.txt.

Crop Info 1.0 This program will help you create crop information for converting utility (i.e. Flask...). You need .vob files already ripped on hd. Read more on how to use it in the included readme.txt.

Crop Info source 1.0 This is the sourcecode for the above software.

DivX Scene detect patch 1.0 This patch will enable DivX support for scene-change detection and inserting keyframes there. It works at any bitrate in both codecs, FAST and LOW motion! You can set keyframe interval to n seconds if you want keyframe inserted when pause between two scenes is bigger than n seconds. Set keyframe interval to some big number if you want keyframe only at scene-changes, for example 9999 or something like that.

FlaskMpeg DeCSSplus 2.0 pre2 0.594 Some sources to use if you want to add "decss" functionallity to your copy of flaskmpeg. You need the original flaskmpeg sources and a compiler (I think its made on MSVC++) to make this work.

This pre-release of DeCSSplus 2.0 is just for you coders out there, that were waiting for very nice piece of code that did everything you've ever wanted. The current pre-release is able to: Predict the key eight times better than DeCSSplus 1.0, Automatic deciphering as a background operation, C++ for good compatibility on every platform, Full support of DVD-authorizing on all win32 platforms, The complete source code.

The release version will include: A GUI for win32; as well as a console app.

Mpeg2avi++ 0.06 Some words from the author PX3: Only a new Executable. I'm experiencing with some speed routines. This versions is only a beta version with smaller speed changes. Fixed the RT, now it's really "remaining time" =:-) Removed the Audio decoding in preview mode. In this Version the sourcecodes are missing. I'll publish the sources with the next official release.

SmartRipper 2.11 Changes since 2.02: DeCSSplus & VobDec KeySearch, RegionFree (patch VIDEO_TS), DeMacrovision, Split by vob-id, Transparent Unlock-routine, Refresh button (for disc changes), Minimize button (during the ripping process), Double scenes between chapters will be dealt with (Abyss..), a couple of other bugfixes on the road.

SubRip 0.9b New features: IAuthor output format to create SVCD with subtitles: almost all is automatic (Colors usage & auto sort, BMP resizing & positioning, Colors & Transparency for the SVCD subtitles), Colors and palete setting for BMP output, Split output text file. (For multi CD), Multilanguages files for the GUI: French & English for the moment, please send me your translation in others languages. (Thanks to Pawel for his SubRipper's multilanguage sources), New "extended" SubRip output format with pictures position, BMP Size & color options are saved, GUI fonts set to standards ones for better compatibility.

VFAPI Reader 1.04 english The english version of the VFAPI (Video File Advanced Programming Interface) converter for windows. The differences between thsi version and 1.03 is that this one is supposed to work better then the older 1.03 one and that this version contains some beta code to work with the upcming release of WM8.

VirtualDub 1.4c ASF This is a version of VirtualDub 1.4c that supports ASF (the same way 1.3c did). You need to have the original VirtualDub 1.4c installed prior you install this version (by overwriting the original main exe file).

Vob Sub 1.34 A couple of bugfixes ;-)
(Sunday) 17/12/2000 - Christmas and Santa Claus is getting closer and closer...
Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The PIC CPU project have taken a lot of my time last week (more info in Old News Archive). Next week will also take some time because it is the exame-week where I will have exames in digital- and computertechnology (on tuesday) and economics (on friday). I also have to find some time to get my hair cut and to buy all the christmas gifts that you need to have for the christmas eve (in USA also known as christmas day) :P

3ivx Win 1.0 delta 1 QT plugin Here is the long awaited "we are better then divx - at least we think so" project that popped up when DivX was released last year. This is the first result that anyone have shown of the sources which isnt a hacked microsoft codec. The bad thing is that this codec is only decoder, its in delta stage and it runs as a plugin for QuickTime 4.x. More info at 3ivx.com

DVD Decrypter 2.2 Another day, another version... Here is what's new in this release: 'Audio Information' - (IFO Parsing) - has been added to the context menu - available when an IFO file is selected, 'Region Information' has been added to the context menu - available when the 'VIDEO_TS.IFO' file is selected, Added 'Total Time Elapsed' and 'Total Time Remaining' to the decryption page, Added a little graphic to the front screen to fill in the space create as a result of the above feature!, Added 'DVD Drive Region Info' to the new 'DVD Drives' section in the tools menu. - Probably wont work on drives that didn't work with Built-In Authentication, Added the ability to 'Clear Decryption Key Cache' - in case its of use to someone!, Added the ability to 'Reinitialise DVD Decrypter' - useful when ripping multiple DVD's one after the other, Fixed (hopefully) a couple of memory related problems / crashes, Fixed a few other little problems that people told me about in the flexion.org forum.

FlaskMpeg Speed PX3 0.594 2nd Strike V3 AC3 routines are up-to-date (may be a bit faster), Implemented subtitlefix, Implemented miha's latest iDCT sources: look at the idct subdirectory of the source directory, there are 2 files, one is the reference iDCT and the other the ASM optimized code. The actual idct.c in \video contains the ASM code, a few small changes =:)

What has been included in this version so far: Px3 speed optimizations, Amd speed optimizations, Miha's idct optimizations (both ref and asm, the binary contains only asm), Subtitlefix (that fixes a few font problems... and it's no new ifo parsing that would make titles where you don't get any subs work miraculously), New ac3 code, Sourcecode.

FlaskMpeg Speed PX3 0.594 2nd Strike V3 Source This is the sourcecodes for the above release.

Graphedit New version is out! This tool is used to work with installed DirectX filters in your system. It's part of the Microsoft DirectX Media SDK components.

Honestech MPEG Encoder 2.0 Info from the included .nfo file: The Honestech MPEG Encoder 2.0 is software for the MPEG encoding that guarantees you an excellent MPEG video stream. You will experience high quality video as well as fast encoding speed as a result of our Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm. At the same time, simple GUI and batch-job processes will make your encoding extremely easy. Honestech Mpeg Encoder 2.0 works much faster with a PC compatible with MMX technology.

Normalize 0.23 This tool is used to normlize wav audio. Handy if you are creating svcd or got a bad dvd copy (with distorted audio or something). This release contains bugfixes.

Vob Sub 1.26 No more ugly edges, here comes the 2x2 supersampled (& superslow :) antialiasing for downscaled subs. Rename vobsub.dll to vobsub.vdr for VirtualDub or to vobsub.auf for AviUtl.

WM8 Codec Here is the codecs from the WM Encoder 8.0 that were released by Microsoft last friday. Reports say that there isnt much changed since WM7, but who knows - this is beta after all...
(Sunday) 10/12/2000 - Go Ahead. Make my day. (Clint Eastwood)
PIC CPU Project Here is the result of the school project that I and 4 more people have been working with for the past 4 weeks. It's a local positioning system (could also be the prototype for the "tricoder" from Star Trek back in the 60's ;-)

The project was to develop/create a system using a PIC CPU 16F84 that positions (by lighting a LED in the LED-matrix) something (simulated using the grey pots). At the same time output the voltage (0-5V) via a RS232 serial communication to a PC.

This device have two modes. One is when the grey pots are inputs and the other mode is when using the keypad to position a lighted LED in the matrix. When using the keypad mode an A/D converter outputs the voltage at the same time as the voltage is logged using the RS232. Isnt it wonderful how useless projects school can invent for us students ? ;-)

Here are some screenshots of the device: PIC1 and PIC2 :-)

Avi plugin 0.591 This a newer version of the Avi Plugin then the version included in FlaskMpeg 0.594. Probably some speedups and bugsfixes ;-)

Avi plugin 0.591 Source This is the sourcecode for the above software.

CladDVD 1.66 update This update Fixes the stupid IFO/BUP vanishing file problem.

CrazyRIP 1.54 Following news: Fixed just a little bug ;), Added MP3 support, Added bitrate estimation, Fixed some other minor bugs.

FlaskMpeg Speed AMD 0.594 This is a FlaskMpeg mod that contains optimisations for the AMD Athlon 3DNow! technology. Should give the Athlon users around 15 fps depending on systemclock.

FlaskMpeg Speed AMD 0.594 Source This is the sourcecode for the above software.

FlaskMpeg Speed Miha 0.594 12.07 This is a FlaskMpeg mod that have the x87 (FPU) part of the software optimised. Select "non-MMX fast IDCT" to enable the optimised code. "IEEE-1180 reference quality iDCT" is also fully optimized in this version. Changes from the last release: Hand-tuned x87 assembly, Added early out code for second step of IDCT, Added early out code for blank blocks, Hand-tuned x87 assembly for reference IDCT, Collected some interesting data set statistics which suggest that additional optimizations are possible.

FlaskMpeg Speed PX3 0.594 2nd Strike V2 PX3 have done it again! This release contains all the above AMD/Miha optimisations along with the old PX3 optimisations (from 004e). This executable is also compiled with some new compiler options that might give an extra fps to your encodings (for me it went from 8.53 to 10.8 using MMX iDCT and encode into DivX on my system: p2 4x112 Mhz, 128 MB RAM CAS2, Win98).

FlaskMpeg Speed PX3 0.594 2nd Strike V2 Source This is the sourcecode for the above software.

VOB Filters 1.04 This software (the batch files) installs the latest filters for playing VOB files with any windows mediaplayer technology compatible software, there is also an uninstall program included. This version contains: Updated all the filters (Thanks to Analyzer): iviaudio.ax 2.3, mpeg2Parser.ax and mpeg2Decoder.ax
(Thursday) 07/12/2000 - I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. (Tom Cruise)
Confusions The TOOLS section is now back online! :-) Along with that I feel that I need to give you a short explanation of yesterdays "622 mbit/s". It's not my own line, it belongs to my university. So no more questions on "how much does your 622 mbit/s line cost each month", thanks ;-)

Heuris Mpeg Power Pro 2.0h Upon request from heuris.com I have now removed the Heuris Mpeg Power Pro 2.0h from the TOOLS section. If you need this software contact heuris.com directly or use altavista or similar to search for it - because you wont get it from this site any longer ;-)
(Wednesday) 06/12/2000 - Where does he get all those wonderful toys ? (Jack Nicholson)
Site back online ! :-) Hi all and sorry for the short downtime. The site is now back online exept from the TOOLS section, which will come tomorrow (hey I'm still on a 33.6 ;-). Just joking - I wont upload everything with my 33.6, but using a much faster line (like 622 mbit/s :P). The truth is that I will upload everything tomorrow. So stay tuned...
(Monday) 04/12/2000 - I think there's a world market for about five computers. (IBM)
"The Florida recount" And they are still fighting - now you can watch them live at cnn too ;-)

AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10 Added one more digit of accuracy, Can now accept a command line parameter to open a file automatically, Current frame rate is automatically inserted into the edit box.

CladDVD 1.65 Now using both VobDec and DeCCSplus for KEY search (Click Option Button), Amended both VobDec and DeCSSplus to be more compatible with cladDVD. Everything to do with KEY routines and feedback in cladDVD were re-wrote, Authentication now done from cladDVD rather than going via VobDec, Authentication on a Win9x/ME system should be much better, Added more 'Error Checking' and fixed numerous 'little' things.

One word of note, I (the author) haven't been able to test this latest v1.65 of cladDVD on a Win2K machine so I'm not sure what effects the latest changes will make.

For correct DVD decryption to occur, DVD AUTHENTICATION must take place. cladDVD will attempt this, if it fails, you MUST do it manually, Win2K users MUST Manually Authenticate.

Dvd2Avi 12.02 News: Take out 'Fault Tolerance' function and released source code under GPL license, Turn on 'Statistics Window' automatically when Preview | Save AVI | Save Project, Detect 'Video Type' when 'Save Project File'. Once you find its 'HYBRID' type, don't turn on 'Preserve FILM'!, You can change some options (ex. Preserve FILM, iDCT algorithm, framerate) without 'Save Project' again.

Dvd2Avi VFP 12.02 This is the VFAPI plugin for the above software.

Dvd2Avi Source 12.02 This is the source code (in VC++) for the two above softwares.

DVD Decrypter 2.1 Here is what's new in this release: 'AutoDetect' available streams when ripping AC3, Enhanced 'AC3 Stream Information', Customisable default destination directory, Network Shares are now fully supported, Fix a bug in the settings / registry code, Added 'Decrypt using DVD Decrypter' to DVD drive context menu in Explorer / My Computer (Only available in Windows ME and Windows 2000), Re-worded the key-search options on the settings page, The M2V Stream Information code has been re-written - it's now quicker and more reliable, Added 'Yes to All' and 'No to All' buttons on 'Overwrite File' dialog, Fix numerous other little bugs.

Easy VD GUI 4.1 update This update contains: Automatic authentication is only done on CD/DVD drives, Automatic css keys loading for vob files from the dvd title database if the dvd disk is recognized (it does not work with database titles stored with previous versions of EasyVDGUI!), A few code improvements (for better w2k compatibility).

FlaskMpeg Speed Intel 0.594 This is the "Intel optimised" version that was described a few days ago at Tom's Hardware page. My own and other peoples tests shows that the PX3 version is still fastest and accurate enough (MMX) for "dvdripping".

FlaskMpeg Speed Intel Source 0.594 This is the sourcecodes for the above release.

FlaskMpeg Speed Miha 0.594 This is a mod that have the x87 (FPU) iDCT parts optimised. Approx 200% faster then the original flask according to author and some persons who have tested it.

Mpeg2vcr 3.10 SVCD update Now it finally supports SVCD! Nero accepts the file and doesn't complain at all. No more half hour waiting for TMPGEnc's muxing to finish ;-)

Here is a complete list of changes in this version: Support for SVCD output with single video and audio, Fast transcoding for bit rate related conversions, PID selection for MPEG-2 Transport output, Support YUV 4:2:2 contents, Support files larger than 2 GB, Global options control for image color, Global options control for video encoder, Global options control for image display size, Video clip list manager, Multiple recording project manager, Stream info replacing the total length player tool button, Fast random access in video, 2/3 resizing for DVD to SVCD conversion (720->480), Support for DVD variable bit rate and 3:2 pull-down, A new motion estimation control for video encoder, Added reset button to muxer for explicit control, More speed up for MPEG video encoders, MMX enabled for both decoder and encoder.

Dont forget to read the included readme.txt!

Remote Selector 1.77 Following new features: Remote support (no region support!) added for PowerDVD and WinDVD (select decoder 'None'), Support added for CrystalFontz serial LCD's (632 16x2 and 634 20x4).

VFAPI Reader 1.03 english This is a translated version (to english ;-) of the Japaneese VFAPI Reader. If you get problems with the Japaneese 1.03b version then try this english 1.03 (it have been reports that this versions solves some problems - probably just a bug in the 1.03b isntall scripts or something).

Vob Sub 1.24 Here is what's new: Just a quick fix, the previous version crashed pressing "cancel" without opening any sub files, Since this plugin is now compatible with VirtualDub, Avisynth and AviUtl, I decided to rename it to something neutral, like "vobsub.dll". From now on to utilize, you have to change the extension, For VirtualDub/Avisynth: .vdf, For AviUtl: .auf.

vStrip 0.6f css Added an error message for the case where the DVD drive wasn't authenticated.