(Tuesday) 22/05/2001 - SECAM = System Even Crappier then the American Method
Howdy neighbour! :-) I have now updated the ARCHIVE section, the LINKS section and finally the TOOLS section to the new design. The TOOLS section is fully functional even though some downloads are a bit "outdated". I will get the tools up-to-date at a later time since I felt it was more importent to get them online then to waste my time browsing for updates.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay and don't forget to visit some of the textbanners that are scrolling by at the bottom =)
(Wednesday) 16/05/2001 - NTSC = Never The Same Color
Yeah baby! :-) So here I am, back on the net. The reason why this site haven't been updated for the last 4 months is the workload I got in school. The school is now about to end for summervacations but there is still two weeks of exames before my summer really starts.

As you probably already noticed I changed the design for this site (well *doh* ;-). I hope you will like it and would be very glad for opinions about this new design. This design is constructed for browsers (IE and NS) version 4.x and upwards. You can send me your opinions to apachez@home.se :-)

All sections are not ready yet but I will publish them as soon they get finished. Regarding the TOOLS section the stuff will soon be online, so stay tuned :o)