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Whooohooo part deux :-) So, after both SAD and Eagle screw up their releases I finally found what I was looking for - a working keygen!

The package of DivX Pro 5.0 on this site have been updated with the working keygen, however the download server is not always up (for instance it is down when I am asleep). If this happends for you just try a few moments later and it should be working.
(Tuesday) 05/03/2002 - Television - a medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well-done. (Ernie Kovacs)
Whooohooo :-) After nearly a year without updating this site I found a good reason to do so (see below ;-) You might wonder why I haven't updated this site until now and the reason is lack of time to do so. But, don't be worried - I have been working on a new design along with a backbone system that will make the maintence of the site even easier for me. Which (in other terms) means that this site is still alive and will get updated more often than before. Now for the reason why I updated the site...

DivX Pro 5.0 Stright from the nfo-file: DivX Pro is the professional-grade version of DivX video software. It is primarily licensed to professional users, but it is also made available to personal users in two versions. DivX Pro is more than just a codec; it includes advanced tools and built-in encoding technologies to create the premium-quality video at the smallest file sizes possible (up to 25% smaller file sizes compared to DivX 5.0 at equivalent visual quality).

Update: The package have now been fixed and should be working 100%, enjoy! :o)